Jewish Voice Medical Volunteer Featured in Health Newsletter

Tim Kearns volunteers his time as a medical clinic doctor with Jewish Voice.

Tim Kearns volunteers his time as a medical clinic doctor with Jewish Voice.

One of our veteran Jewish Voice medical clinic volunteers, Tim Kearns, was featured in the article “On a Mission” in the Winter 2013 edition of TeamHealth, the Advanced Practice Clinician Quarterly Newsletter.

It’s a great write-up about this dedicated Physician’s Assistant and about our Jewish Voice medical outreach to Mposi, Zimbabwe.

Read the article in PDF format: TeamHealth-TimKearns

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Want to volunteer like Tim does? We always need doctors, nurses, and dentists. We also need non-medical personnel for our prayer team and for administration. Interested in volunteering your time to serve underprivileged Jewish People in Africa and India? Come on a short-term mission with Jewish Voice!

Our 2013 list of short-term medical trips


A Report on Our Outreach to the Lemba of Zimbabwe

ImageBy Rosemay Latortue,
Zimbabwe Medical Volunteer

Hello Everyone!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
Holy is the Lord.

The short version:
I am back safely from ‘beyond,’ and God did a great work for His people.

Long version:
Picking up from our last correspondence, we left off with the group at a hotel in Harrare.  So grab a drink, diet of course (Diet Orange Crush is my favorite—does Pepcid AC come in an Orange Crush flavor?)

I suppose whoever did the planning for this trip wanted to make sure we were all prayed up before arriving; because on Saturday May 26th  we departed for the village of Mposi, in Mberengwa on a 12 passenger prop. plane. And, believe me, we were all holding a silent vigil!  We did land safely on a run-way that had just been cleared last month.  Praise the Lord for sure.  It is a consolation that we were safer in that propelled aircraft, in God’s will, than anywhere else on the earth.  Not like the guy who took that cruise to Tarshish. (more…)

Rusty Clarke’s Photos of Our Zimbabwe Medical Outreach

These photos were taken by Rusty Clarke, who volunteers with Jewish Voice often for our medical outreaches. During our first-ever medical clinic to the Lemba tribe of Zimbabwe, Rusty wore two hats: his usual prayer room intercessor role and our trip photographer. And – wow! – what a blessing Rusty is! We hope you will be just as inspired as we are and just as excited about what God is doing in this new remote place.

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Zimbabwe Outreach Harvest: God Is So Good!

Rejoice with us on our Jewish Voice Zimbabwe outreach: 7,117 patients were treated, 5,700+ accepted Yeshua as Messiah, 1,209 eyeglasses were distributed, 811 received free dental care, 33 patients received eye surgery, and at least 196 got a special healing by God!

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Photo Slideshow of Zimbabwe Medical Outreach 2012

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More Than 90 Percent Receive Prayer at Zimbabwe Medical Outreach

Getting ready to head back to the capital of Harare, Zimbabwe, Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice talks about the success of the free medical clinic so far. Fifty-one volunteers from eight countries, along with 115 local volunteers from Zimbabwe made up our volunteer staff. About 90 percent of those we treated at the clinic went into the prayer room and received Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah as well. What a wonderful work God has been doing this week!

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Zimbabwe Outreach: Fantastic First Three Days

By Benjamin Levitt,
Jewish Voice Lead International Logistics Manager

DATELINE: Zimbabwe
Thursday, May 31, 1:01 p.m.

Shalom and greetings from Mposi, Zimbabwe.

I am typing this from a large meeting tent in the middle of a grass field, as the temperature climbs out of the forties and our team enjoys a simple warm breakfast of porridge and hard boiled eggs.

The first three days of the Jewish Voice clinic have been a success. More than a success—thousands of Lemba people and their neighbors have received free medical, dental, and eye care, and more than  90 percent of those have chosen to come to the prayer room and hear about their Messiah, Yeshua. (more…)