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The Greatest Identity Theft of All Time

Ron-Cantor_VSMWould you believe it if someone told you that the greatest identity theft of all time involved Jesus, the Jewish Messiah? Ron Cantor, ministry leader of Messiah’s Mandate in Tel Aviv, states that this occurred when Jesus was cleansed of His Jewishness, and that there are still Believers and non-believers alike who just don’t understand who Yeshua (Jesus) really is. Ron is joining Jonathan Bernis to set the record straight, something he is adept at as he travels around the world masterfully illustrating the Jewish roots of the New Covenant.

Be sure to watch Ron Cantor on our TV show the week of May 27, 2013. Until then, watch previous TV shows online.

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Photos From Our 2012 Israel Tour

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Messianic Jewish Worship in Tel Aviv

Watch our Jewish Voice Israel tour team from December 3, 2010 worship on Shabbat at a Messianic Jewish congregation in Tel Aviv in this YouTube video.

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Celebrating the Real Israel

By Benjamin Levitt,
International Logistics Manager for Jewish Voice

Greetings and shalom from Jerusalem!

Whew! This one word sums up our exciting and meaningful whirlwind tour of the beautiful and historic country of Israel.

We have traveled from the historic port of Yafo through the modern mega-city of Tel Aviv, through Roman ruins, lush valleys, the hillsides of Nazareth, the breathtakingly beautiful waters of the Galilee, the majestic slopes of Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights, the prophetically significant stones of Mount Megiddo (Armageddon), the peaceful waters of the Jordan River (for a baptismal service), the arid banks of the Jordan Valley, and the desert wilderness of the Dead Sea, all the way up to the bustling city of Jerusalem. (more…)

Participants Enjoy First Full Day of 2010 Israel Tour

Kotel complex in Israel

Kotel complex in Israel

Our Jewish Voice Israel tour group made it safely into Israel on Sunday, November 28 by 5:30 p.m. (Israel Time). The flights went well and each person was happy to arrive in the Land of Israel. Tour participants had dinner in Tel Aviv and were able to rest at the hotel that night.

On Monday, November 29, the group had an adventurous day of touring to the site of Peter’s rooftop vision, to the excavated Roman theater, to Mount Carmel, and to Nazareth. The group stayed in Tiberius overnight.

This is just the beginning of their journey through the places of the Bible. More and more of God’s Word will come alive to them as the tour progresses!

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