Jewish Voice Celebrates Sukkot 2011

Join Dr. Ray Gannon on the grounds of Jewish Voice to learn all about the purposes and construction of the sukkah, or booth, that is traditionally used to celebrate the biblical feast of Sukkot, the Jewish holiday which began last night at sundown.

And here’s a fun, short video of our Jewish Voice staff decorating the sukkah with fruit.

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Recently Released Messianic New Testament

Ray Gannon with Jonathan Bernis on "Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis"

Ray Gannon with Jonathan Bernis on "Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis"

In this interview taken from our TV program Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, Dr. Ray Gannon, Dean of  Messianic Jewish Studies at The King’s University, Los Angeles, talks in detail about the new Tree of Life New Testament, a translation taken from the original Greek with a Messianic perspective.

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What’s on TV in August?

Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis TV program

"Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis" TV program

Want to know what’s on the Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis TV show this month? Here’s our guest line-up and special teachings from Jonathan Bernis.

8/1 – 8/7

Filmmaker Bill McKay describes divine miracles that have been part of Israel’s history from his award-winning feature film Against All Odds:  Israel Survives.  He and Jonathan Bernis discuss the current Middle East crisis and the future of the conflict.  Then, Jonathan gives specific examples of the transliteration process in his enlightening teaching The Power of Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures. (more…)

What is Supersessionism?

Dr. Ray Gannon explains Supersessionism, or Replacement Theology, in this YouTube video. In a nutshell, this philosophy that is rampant in some Christian circles believes that God’s promises are no longer for the Jewish People, but rather have been made exclusive to the Gentiles. This false teaching has caused havoc in the Jewish community and has damaged the cause of Yeshua (Jesus).

I am in Jewish ministry because of the powerful theological nemesis that was entirely fabricated by Christian leaders to satisfy their own humanly motivated agendas quite apart from the interests and revelation of God in Scripture. This nemesis to the Kingdom of God is called supersessionism. It is commonly termed Replacement Theology. (more…)

Give the Gift of Online Messianic Courses

JVIMS website

JVIMS website

This year is almost over and 2011 is just around the corner. Now is the time to plan how you can better get to know your Jewish roots.

One way to do this is through our online course of study from the Jewish Voice Institute of Messianic Studies (JVIMS). It’s a great way to get educated in biblical understanding from a Messianic Jewish perspective – at your own pace.

Consider surprising a loved one with one of our courses as a Christmas gift!

Listen to this audio clip from our online professor Ray Gannon and Jewish Voice president Jonathan Bernis.

Watch the YouTube video of Dr. Ray Gannon talking about the JVIMS courses.

Watch the Animoto video overview:

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Is It Common for Christians and Believing Jews to Worship Together?

Ronald from Madison, Wis., called in during our October 13, 2010 interactive webcast wanting to know if it was unusual for Christians and Messianic Jews to worship together. Jonathan Bernis and Ray Gannon of Jewish Voice answer Ronald’s question about this trend and why it is occurring in many places around the world.

Watch the webcast clip now and be sure to tune into our next interactive webcast on December 16 at 8 p.m. EST, 5  p.m. PST.

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Join the Messianic Movement!


tallit or prayer shawl

There is still time to register for the Messianic Leadership Seminar. If you want to reach your Jewish community more effectively, then this three-day seminar featuring talks by Jonathan Bernis, Bill Bjoraker, Ray Gannon, Jason Sobel, and Jack Zimmerman is for you!

Dates are Monday, October 25 – Wednesday, October 27. This event will be held in Phoenix, AZ, home of Jewish Voice.

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