Washington Meetings Highlight Divide Between Obama and Netanyahu

Following meetings at the White House on Monday, it was clearer than ever that President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu have vastly divergent views on the seriousness of the threat posed to Israel by Iran’s nuclear program, and regarding the timing of that threat as well. Despite a publicly united face, the statements by both men revealed their differing conclusions and the divide between them. (more…)


Celebrate Purim!

If you’ve ever wondered how involved God really is in the circumstances of your daily life, you need only examine the Old Testament book of Esther. Although His name is never mentioned, God’s powerful influence is clear throughout this narrative. And it is the story behind the festive Jewish holiday, Purim, celebrated this year on March 8.

Brief Biblical History

An orphaned Jewish girl raised by her cousin Mordecai, Esther grew into a beautiful woman who found love and extraordinary favor with King Ahasuerus. He crowned her queen. Unaware that Queen Esther and her cousin were Jewish, the two gained the king’s great favor when Mordecai successfully revealed a plot to assassinate him. Unfortunately, the king’s love for Esther and (by association) Mordecai fostered seething jealousy and hatred in one of the king’s advisors, a man named Haman. (more…)