How to Pray for Our Manipur Medical Outreach

By Melissa Johnston,
Jewish Voice International Logistics Manager


Supplies for our Manipur medical clinic.


I am in India awaiting our group’s arrival tomorrow for our Jewish Voice Manipur medical mission. Back in Manipur, the team is continuing medical clinic preparations.

We are facing new challenges with this year’s clinic as it has been raining almost every day while we have been preparing the clinic. While the rain is cooling temperatures, it is causing some unique obstacles. We have come up with some great solutions to ensure we have a successful clinic.

Please Pray for the Following:
1. Safe travels for our team
2. Health of our team
3. Unity among our team members
4. All of our luggage to arrive safely
5. Our Ethiopian medical professionals to arrive safely from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
6. That we would not incur any customs fines
7. That our team can have a peaceful rest before continuing on to Manipur the next morning
8. Internet connectivity in Manipur has been down, so please pray that there is a quick solution for this problem

Praise Reports:
1. We have been able to secure a slit lamp in country, so our eye surgery team has all of their supplies needed to operate.

Thank you for all your prayers and support throughout this outreach. The Lord has continued to provide for us, and we are believing for amazing stories and testimonies from this outreach.

Jewish Voice Ministries International


Let’s Pray for Our Leaders

Praying hands and the Bible
With so much at stake in the world and in our nation, it is essential to pray for our leadership so that God will keep His hand of blessing on us.


God wants a righteous nation.
• Psalm 33:12 – “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; the people He chose for His inheritance.”

Believers should submit to those who have authority, because God ordained leadership.
• Romans 13:1 – “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

• Hebrews 13:17 – “Obey your leaders and submit to their authority. They keep watch over you as men who must give an account. Obey them so that their work will be a joy, not a burden, for that would be of no advantage to you.”

• 1 Peter 2:13-14 – “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every authority instituted among men; whether to the king, as the supreme authority, or to governors, who are sent by him to punish those who do wrong and to commend those who do right.”

We are told to pray for our leaders so it will go well with us.
• 1 Timothy 2:1-2 – “I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone – for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.”

God tells us our prayers will be effective.
• James 5:16-18 – “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” (more…)

Zimbabwe Outreach: Fantastic First Three Days

By Benjamin Levitt,
Jewish Voice Lead International Logistics Manager

DATELINE: Zimbabwe
Thursday, May 31, 1:01 p.m.

Shalom and greetings from Mposi, Zimbabwe.

I am typing this from a large meeting tent in the middle of a grass field, as the temperature climbs out of the forties and our team enjoys a simple warm breakfast of porridge and hard boiled eggs.

The first three days of the Jewish Voice clinic have been a success. More than a success—thousands of Lemba people and their neighbors have received free medical, dental, and eye care, and more than  90 percent of those have chosen to come to the prayer room and hear about their Messiah, Yeshua. (more…)

The Bnei Menashe and the Lord of the Harvest

By Benjamin Levitt,
Jewish Voice Lead International Logistics Manager

DATELINE: Churachandpur, Manipur, India
Saturday, November 5, 2011

Silence . . .

Silence is all we hear as we take ten minutes to stop speaking and look out over the broad valley of Churachandpur from Prayer Mountain where we commissioned the clinic week in prayer only six days ago. It seems like a month…

As we cease from our work this past week, enter into Shabbat, and rest in what the Lord has done during this year’s Manipur clinic, we hear only the birds chirping and the occasional wisp of wind. We are all “spent” but content at the same time; exhausted, yet somehow joyful and full of the Lord.

As we worship together and then sit in silence, several team members agree that they sense, if not clearly hear, the Lord’s pleasure and satisfaction in our labor of love these past five days. This is not the kind of empty exhaustion that comes from spinning our wheels, attending to our own devices, pursuing our own pleasures and comforts for personal gain. This is the pregnant exhaustion of having partnered with the living God of Israel according to His heart and His purposes, having spent ourselves on behalf of the poor and needy, and having proclaimed good news and release to the captives and the hopeless—having comforted His People, as Isaiah commanded, knowing the seeds that were sown will bear much fruit—in Churachandpur, in Israel, and in eternity. (more…)

Curtain Call: Intercession Needed for Three-Night Argentina Festival Outreach

Advertising our 2011 Hear O' Israel! Festival in Argentina

Advertising our 2011 Hear O' Israel! Festival in Argentina

DATELINE: Rosario, Argentina – August 25, 2011

Preparation for our three-night Hear O’ Israel! Festival of Jewish Music & Dance is underway and we are fast approaching showtime ( in less than 5 hours Argentina time!). Here are specific ways to lift up our team as they minister in Argentina through dance, song, and the Word of God. 

People of Rosario:  

Pray for every one of the 15,000 flyers being distributed today in the Metropolitano neighborhood—where the Festival will begin tonight—to carry the anointing of the Holy Spirit, drawing people to the Festival. Pray that every press release via newspaper, radio, television, and billboard will draw people to the Festival. Pray for favor for the outreach team as they distribute flyers for the stores to hand out and that their distribution in the stores will be effective. Pray also for favor for the outreach team as they take flyers to local apartment buildings and ask that the doormen put flyers in people’s mailboxes. (more…)

Opposition Brings Opportunity to Minister in Argentina

Hear O' Israel! Festival poster in Rosario, Argentina 2011

Hear O' Israel! Festival poster in Rosario, Argentina

By Jonathan Gannon,
Jewish Voice Director of Global Outreach

Our own Jonathan Gannon weighs in during the pre-festival preparation for the Hear O’ Israel! Festival of Jewish Music & Dance outreach, which will be held in Rosario, Argentina August 19- 29, 2011.

Greetings from Rosario.

As my first week draws to a close here in Argentina, I would like to give you an update from the field. First let me say thank you for your diligent prayers for our team, the Jewish community here in Rosario, the volunteer/participant group, the performers, and especially Jonathan Bernis as he prepares to lead the festival.

The day I arrived we received a press release written by the local community opposing the outreach. We are not letting this type of opposition bother us. In fact, this press release proves that the advertising is working, there is a buzz in the city over the festival outreach, and the controversy will continue to increase. And as we know, where there is controversy, there is curiosity. And when people are curious, they show up to see for themselves. (more…)

Isaac’s Note Encourages Festival Volunteer

By Lester Murray,
2010 Uruguay Hear O’ Israel! Festival volunteer

Lester Murray (center) prays for two women in Uruguay.

Lester Murray (center) prays for two women in Uruguay.

On Wednesday, August 18, 2010, the first night of the Hear O’ Israel! Festival in Montevideo, Uruguay, after the program, a mother and her 10-year-old boy approached me after I had prayed with several  folks. I began speaking with them in Spanish, and after a few short moments the child abruptly hugged me tightly.  I  continued witnessing  to them in Spanish and discovered they were both Christians and were very delighted that they could come.

The child was supposed to go back to his dad’s residence on Thursday, a three-and-a-half hour trip by bus to the interior, but apparently they waited until Sunday.  Both of them came back Friday night and Saturday night and did their best to sit where I was assigned. (more…)