U.S. Pressuring Israel to Release Palestinian Terrorists From Prison in ‘Goodwill Gesture’


Members of the Israeli Knesset are reacting with dismay to the pressure from the United States to release a number of Palestinian terrorists convicted of attacking and in some cases killing Jewish People as a “goodwill gesture” to promote the resumption of peace talks with the Palestinians. Secretary of State John Kerry followed the recent visit by President Obama to Israel with a round of diplomacy aimed at restarting the stalled peace process.

Among those the United States listed for release are the terrorists who killed Rachel Weiss and her three children, Ephraim, Netanel, and Raphael, in 1993 by burning them to death, as well as soldier David Delarosa, who tried to save them. Knesset Member Orit Struk said, “The demand is shocking . . . not just because of the danger that these terrorists will return to terrorist activity once they are released, but the release of terrorists is an energizing shot of encouragement to terror and terrorists.” (more…)


Honor for a Murderous Terrorist

According to a report in the Times of Israel, the French city of St. Denis yesterday hosted a ceremony to honor a number of Palestinian terrorists. The event was organized by the National Collective for Just and Viable Peace between Palestinians and Israelis, a group known by its French acronym, CNPJDPI.

Among those being honored was Allam Kaabi, of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).  Kaabi was instrumental in planning and carrying out the 2001 assassination of Israel’s tourism minister, Rehavam Ze’evi. Kaabi was released as part of the prisoner exchange that freed captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. Kaabi and the other speakers were described as “recently released prisoners” in the promotional material for the event. (more…)

President Obama Goes to Israel Next Week

703346_10151355490224532_1208902426_oNext week President Obama makes his first trip to Israel since he was elected president. He will meet with both Israeli and Palestinian leaders on this trip, as well as visit the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, the Shrine of the Book (home of the Dead Sea Scrolls) and speak to college students in Jerusalem. This is a crucial trip as relations between the U.S. and Israel have been strained in recent years.

President Obama is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israeli President Shimon Peres, and may also meet with opposition leaders in Israel’s Knesset. Mr. Obama will also hold talks with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah. Though some early rumors had suggested that the president would unveil a wide-ranging peace initiative, White House aides have been lowering expectations regarding any major announcements being made on this visit. (more…)

President Obama Sets First Visit to Israel

703374_10151354792369532_756212979_oAs Prime Minister Netanyahu continues to struggle to try to form a new governing coalition after Israel’s elections last month left the Knesset sharply divided, Mr. Obama has announced his first visit to the Jewish state as U.S. President. The March visit is expected to continue a second term push for an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. The President is expected to also meet with Palestinian leaders, and continue his call for Jerusalem to be divided with the Palestinian portion to serve as the capital of the new state he wants to see established for them.

Mr. Netanyahu has until March 15 to form a new government, but so far little progress has been made toward establishing a governing majority. Different groups have stated conflicting demands, and it is going to be very difficult for the current prime minister or any other political figure to build a lasting government given the election results.


Israeli Military Responds to Increased Terrorist Attacks From Gaza

Following a week of increasing terrorist attacks from Gaza—well over 100 rocket and mortar attacks have been launched against southern Israel in recent days—the Israeli military has begun a series of counterstrikes. More than twenty rocket launching sites were destroyed yesterday, and at least one top Hamas military leader was killed in an airstrike. The Israeli government has publicly declared their intention to enforce renewed calm with whatever military steps are necessary.

It is worth remembering that Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005, forcing all Jewish residents to leave and handing over their homes and businesses to the Palestinians. It was hoped that this would lead to peace, but instead Gaza has simply become the hotbed of anti-Israeli activity. It provides a convenient launching pad for attacks against the Jewish People.

Gaza is completely controlled by the Hamas terrorist movement. The Palestinian Authority, the governing body led by Mahmoud Abbas, has no effective control over the region at all. Egyptian officials are said to be attempting to negotiate an end to the latest round of terrorist attacks against Israel. (more…)

Son of Hamas (Part Two): From Hatred to Israel’s Friend

Mosab Yousef, the son of a Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas leader who grew up hating Israel, continues his tale in part two of this two-part extended interview. He specifically talks about the issues with a Palestinian state, his change of heart from hating Israel to loving and forgiving the Jewish People because of his life transforming decision to follow Yeshua (Jesus), and working for the Israeli government through the Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet). The original, shorter interview aired on “Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis” the week of May 9, 2011.

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The Palestine Myth

During our July 22, 2010 live webcast, Bill tweeted in to Jewish_Voice the following question, “What is the Palestinian Covenant? How can it be when the land was Israel’s in the Bible? My maps and my commentary in my Bible actually say Palestine.” Jewish Voice’s Messianic Rabbi Jack Zimmerman and his team of panel experts point to revisionist history and the agenda of the PLO for the truth.

JACK ZIMMERMAN: I have seen these maps that say Palestine as well, and every time I do I am reminded of Joseph Goebbels who said something like, “If you tell a lie often enough, people are going to accept it as truth.”  Unfortunately, people accept the idea as truth that there is a land called Palestine, that there is a Palestinian language, that there is a Palestinian people.

Granted, if you go back to the late 1930s-early 1940s, you can actually find postage stamps that say the word “Palestine” on it. Prior to the Jerusalem Post being called the Jerusalem Post, it was called the Palestine Post. But those terms actually applied to the Jewish People. (more…)