Honored to Serve: Last Day of Clinic in Addis

AddisAbaba Outreach2010_31By Melissa Johnston,
International Logistics Manager,
Jewish Voice Ministries International

DATELINE: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

We had a special morning devotion on Friday that provided confirmation for our team of the impact they had on the community.

The Health Center’s Board attended our meeting and presented our team with a certificate of appreciate and a traditional hammer pot as a gift. They mentioned how honored they were to have the team serve their community and invited us to return to continue on with our great work. JVMI also presented the board with a plaque and dedicated the ramp and staircase that was built last year for the clinic, and the railing that was built this year to complete the project. Our entire volunteer staff then posed on the staircase for our group photo.

We ended the clinic day by treating as many patients as we could before closing the clinic and packing up our equipment. (more…)


Jewish Voice Medical Volunteer Featured in Health Newsletter

Tim Kearns volunteers his time as a medical clinic doctor with Jewish Voice.

Tim Kearns volunteers his time as a medical clinic doctor with Jewish Voice.

One of our veteran Jewish Voice medical clinic volunteers, Tim Kearns, was featured in the article “On a Mission” in the Winter 2013 edition of TeamHealth, the Advanced Practice Clinician Quarterly Newsletter.

It’s a great write-up about this dedicated Physician’s Assistant and about our Jewish Voice medical outreach to Mposi, Zimbabwe.

Read the article in PDF format: TeamHealth-TimKearns

Jewish Voice Ministries International

Want to volunteer like Tim does? We always need doctors, nurses, and dentists. We also need non-medical personnel for our prayer team and for administration. Interested in volunteering your time to serve underprivileged Jewish People in Africa and India? Come on a short-term mission with Jewish Voice!

Our 2013 list of short-term medical trips

Gondar’s Prophetic Destiny During Sukkot

By Jonathan Gannon,
Director of Global Outreach for Jewish Voice Ministries International

DATELINE: Gondar, Ethiopia

We have just completed our second full outreach day here in Gondar with very exiting results. Every member of the outreach team has worked diligently and intensely since landing here in Ethiopia nearly two weeks ago.

Following the group orientation and rest for the newly arrived international team of 56 medical professionals and volunteers, we flew to Gondar on Sunday morning. Following lunch, we were greeted by torrential rains that delayed the medical orientation and final set-up of the outreach compound. As always, our Medical Director has engineered an amazingly efficient clinic system that seems to improve by the day. Our Jewish Voice Ethiopian national leadership team have all supported the clinic planning and operations with great diligence. In addition to all this, Jack Zimmerman and the prayer team have witnessed almost overwhelming results in the prayer room. (more…)

A Report on Our Outreach to the Lemba of Zimbabwe

ImageBy Rosemay Latortue,
Zimbabwe Medical Volunteer

Hello Everyone!

Blessed be the Name of the Lord!
Holy is the Lord.

The short version:
I am back safely from ‘beyond,’ and God did a great work for His people.

Long version:
Picking up from our last correspondence, we left off with the group at a hotel in Harrare.  So grab a drink, diet of course (Diet Orange Crush is my favorite—does Pepcid AC come in an Orange Crush flavor?)

I suppose whoever did the planning for this trip wanted to make sure we were all prayed up before arriving; because on Saturday May 26th  we departed for the village of Mposi, in Mberengwa on a 12 passenger prop. plane. And, believe me, we were all holding a silent vigil!  We did land safely on a run-way that had just been cleared last month.  Praise the Lord for sure.  It is a consolation that we were safer in that propelled aircraft, in God’s will, than anywhere else on the earth.  Not like the guy who took that cruise to Tarshish. (more…)

Photo Slideshow of Zimbabwe Medical Outreach 2012

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Jewish Voice Ministries International

2012 Addis Ababa Outreach: God’s Hand of Grace

Medical professionals perform a free surgery in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Medical professionals perform a free surgery in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

This year Jewish Voice decided to do a back-to-back  medical outreach to both Woliso and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, bringing the Lost Tribes of Israel located in these remote areas free medical, dental, and eye clinics.

The results of what God did during our medical outreach to Addis Ababa were staggering. Praise God with us at the amazing miracles He performed through the JVMI staff and volunteers.

Monday, March 5

1,404 patients treated / 344 salvations (more…)

Woliso 2012 Outreach: Five Days of God’s Blessings

Woliso Ethiopia Photo by Sam Fontejon

Photo by Sam Fontejon

By Jonathan Gannon,
Jewish Voice Director of Global Outreach

Last week turned out to be one of the most fruitful weeks we have ever seen, thanks to the intense prayer from you and so many others.

We treated nearly 1,000 more patients than our Woliso, Ethiopia, outreach last year, including scores of sight restorative surgeries from our eye team. The clinic operated at an extremely efficient level with full dental care (extractions, cleanings, and fillings), eye care (cataract surgeries, eye saving optometry, and glasses dispensed), and medical care (pediatrics, general medicine, and gynecology). Our newest department, the Distribution Center, provided hundreds of men, women, and children with shoes, clothes, blankets, soap, and other necessities.

Our prayer team, lead by Rabbi Jack Zimmerman, did an incredible job sharing the Good News of Yeshua and praying for more than 30% of all patients—an outreach record.

I don’t recall seeing more life saving situations in any other clinic than we did in Woliso. In one such case a young teenage boy came to the clinic very near death. Derinda Walker, a registered nurse and director of our Nursing Station, told us that he would have died within one or two days if he had not come to the clinic. He suffered from a simple tooth infection that spread into his jaw. His entire body was inflamed with the toxins from the infection, leaving him unable to walk on his own. He was unrecognizable from the swelling in his face. We quickly provided him with the necessary life-saving antibiotics and fluids through an IV and rushed him to the nearest hospital for his JVMI-sponsored surgery.

His is just one of many, many cases. Each and every medical outreach reminds us of the significance of the critical work that we continue to do to bring relief to the suffering of Jewish and non-Jewish people around the world. (more…)