How to Pray for Our Manipur Medical Outreach

By Melissa Johnston,
Jewish Voice International Logistics Manager


Supplies for our Manipur medical clinic.


I am in India awaiting our group’s arrival tomorrow for our Jewish Voice Manipur medical mission. Back in Manipur, the team is continuing medical clinic preparations.

We are facing new challenges with this year’s clinic as it has been raining almost every day while we have been preparing the clinic. While the rain is cooling temperatures, it is causing some unique obstacles. We have come up with some great solutions to ensure we have a successful clinic.

Please Pray for the Following:
1. Safe travels for our team
2. Health of our team
3. Unity among our team members
4. All of our luggage to arrive safely
5. Our Ethiopian medical professionals to arrive safely from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
6. That we would not incur any customs fines
7. That our team can have a peaceful rest before continuing on to Manipur the next morning
8. Internet connectivity in Manipur has been down, so please pray that there is a quick solution for this problem

Praise Reports:
1. We have been able to secure a slit lamp in country, so our eye surgery team has all of their supplies needed to operate.

Thank you for all your prayers and support throughout this outreach. The Lord has continued to provide for us, and we are believing for amazing stories and testimonies from this outreach.

Jewish Voice Ministries International


Final Manipur Update: Our Most Timely Medical Clinic to Date

The crowds await their turn at the Manipur medical clinic.

The crowds await their turn at the Manipur medical clinic.

Jonathan Gannon,
Jewish Voice Director of Global Outreach

DATELINE: Manipur, India
Friday, November 2, 2012

It’s hard to express the  level of our joy following the conclusion of this Jewish Voice outreach. As we approach the lunch hour in Churachandpur, our Jewish Voice team is busy packing and readying their personal luggage for our long departure back home. We will first drive nearly two hours back to Imphal through the beautiful and lush hills of Manipur. We will pass through village after village with unending harvest-ready rice fields in between. This afternoon we fly from Imphal back to Delhi, followed by the final fight tomorrow night back to the United States.

We enjoyed a powerful morning together  in our closing Shabbat service. We enjoyed a wonderful time of Messianic praise and worship lead by Israel and Ronna. The worship was followed by nearly a full hour of testimonies and stories from the outreach week. Doctors, prayer warriors, line flow managers, administers . . . all wanting to tell of the great things they experienced this week in their respective outreach roles. It was an amazing time of celebration. (more…)

Ready and Willing: Our Jewish Voice Team Serves with Success in India

A volunteer medical professional is confident our Jewish Voice medical outreach in Manipur will be a success.

By Jonathan Gannon,

Jewish Voice Director of Global Outreach

DATELINE: Manipur, India

It is Wednesday morning in India, and the clinic is saturated with patients and all systems are running incredibly well. As I write this, our team is banding (putting day-specific colored bracelet bands on the patients) and processing a large group of patients that were bussed in specifically for the outreach (a daily occurrence). These patients are in addition to the many hundreds that are standing in our line system outside the clinic.

The Jewish Voice clinic system is created to allow for large patient volume. Patients are pre-sorted outside the clinic gate and brought through a series of waiting and processing areas before being seated outside the room of the clinician. Following treatment, patients receive their free medicine at our pharmacy and are invited to visit the prayer and counseling tent where a clear presentation of the Gospel is given.

The afternoons have have been hot and humid, but we are refreshed daily by the coolness of evening and morning. The Jewish Voice participant team with us is mostly made up of first-timers (about 80 percent). We have five dentists, six doctors, two opticians, and an ophthalmology/eye surgery team that are treating large numbers of patients (in addition to some local medical professional hires and volunteers). They are supported by line-flow managers, security volunteers, and prayer warriors. All are performing their jobs efficiently and selflessly. We are very pleased to report the following outreach results through Monday and Tuesday: (more…)

Offering Aid to the Bnei Menashe Lost Tribe Before Aliyah

2012 Jewish Voice medical clinic in Manipur.

2012 Jewish Voice medical clinic in Manipur.

By Jonathan Gannon,
Director of Global Outreach for Jewish Voice

October  28, 2012 7:47 a.m.

This is our third Jewish Voice medical outreach to the Bnei Menashe Jewish community of Manipur. We are situated in far eastern India, near Burma and Bangladesh. Our Jewish Voice team of 42 participants (staff, medical professionals, and volunteers) arrived just over 50 hours ago. The journey here has been immensely challenging, but full of the Lord’s miraculous provision.

There is much mystery surrounding our target audience here in Manipur, the Bnei Menashe community. This Jewish community is considered by many to be one of the Lost Tribes of Israel and is the focus of much international research and publication. In fact, rabbis from Israel have been coming to this humble region for more than 30 years with the goal of imparting traditional rabbinic Judaism to the Bnei Menashe.

How do we know that these people are actually of Israelite origin? Well, there are several factors that suggest strongly that the claims are indeed true. The first clue lies within the name of the Mizo and Kuki tribal ancestor “Manmaseh” (which is phonetically close to the name Manasseh, one of the tribes of Israel). (more…)

The Bnei Menashe and the Lord of the Harvest

By Benjamin Levitt,
Jewish Voice Lead International Logistics Manager

DATELINE: Churachandpur, Manipur, India
Saturday, November 5, 2011

Silence . . .

Silence is all we hear as we take ten minutes to stop speaking and look out over the broad valley of Churachandpur from Prayer Mountain where we commissioned the clinic week in prayer only six days ago. It seems like a month…

As we cease from our work this past week, enter into Shabbat, and rest in what the Lord has done during this year’s Manipur clinic, we hear only the birds chirping and the occasional wisp of wind. We are all “spent” but content at the same time; exhausted, yet somehow joyful and full of the Lord.

As we worship together and then sit in silence, several team members agree that they sense, if not clearly hear, the Lord’s pleasure and satisfaction in our labor of love these past five days. This is not the kind of empty exhaustion that comes from spinning our wheels, attending to our own devices, pursuing our own pleasures and comforts for personal gain. This is the pregnant exhaustion of having partnered with the living God of Israel according to His heart and His purposes, having spent ourselves on behalf of the poor and needy, and having proclaimed good news and release to the captives and the hopeless—having comforted His People, as Isaiah commanded, knowing the seeds that were sown will bear much fruit—in Churachandpur, in Israel, and in eternity. (more…)

Final Two Days of Manipur Medical Outreach

We had a very successful Jewish Voice medical clinic in India recently. Here are stats for our final two days of our five-day free medical clinic to the Bnei Menashe Jewish community in Manipur, India:


Patients Treated: 1,595
Salvations: 70


Patients Treated: 1,130
Salvations: 65

Many People Helped at 2011 Manipur Medical Clinic

Thank you for your prayers! God has been moving mightily at our Jewish Voice Manipur, India medical clinic. We have been offering free medical, dental, and eye clinics for the poor people in the region, particularly the Bnei Menashe Jewish community, and also the Gospel message.

We have gotten a great response to our care for these precious people. Below is listed the number of patients we treated and the number of those who accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as their Savior for the first time during the first three days of our clinic. We have two more days to go, so please keep praying!

Monday, October 31, 2011
Patients Treated: 1,000
Salvations: 34

Tuesday, November 1, 2011
Patients Treated: 1,203
Salvations: 59 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011
Patients Treated: 1,502
Salvations: 88