More Than Two Thousand Receive Care at Hosanna Medical Clinic

5x4-Hosanna-Stamp-copyRick Kingham,
Executive Director of Global Ministries for Jewish Voice

DATELINE: Hosanna, Ethiopia

We are all rejoicing at the close of clinic day number two. Some 2,105 patients received care today, and hundreds came to visit the prayer room at our Jewish Voice medical clinic. We distributed 800 LifeStraws. The team has formed a great bond of friendship and the love of Yeshua. The Holy Spirit is moving in Hosanna!

Consider joining us on a Jewish Voice medical mission as a volunteer! All throughout the year, we host international medical outreaches for underprivileged Jewish communities in remote parts of Africa and India that feature free treatment for medical, eye, and dental conditions. Our five-day clinics bring not only physical healing through medicine and medical procedures, but also spiritual healing through sharing the Gospel of Yeshua and through prayer. You don’t have to be a medical professional to raise your own support and come on a humanitarian outreach with us; you just need to be willing to serve with a heart of compassion. Sign up for an upcoming outreach.

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Why Believers Should Read the Entire Bible

John Garr on "Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis"

John Garr on "Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis"

During one segment of our weekly half-hour broadcast, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, guest John Garr got the chance to share the importance of having a whole-Bible mentality as a Believer. Both Jews and Christians need to recognize that the two halves of God’s Word are equally valuable.

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JOHN GARR: The reality is the Bible is a continuum; it’s one book. I sometimes tell my audience there is only one page in your Bible that is not inspired by God: That’s the page in-between Malachi and Matthew that says the New Testament of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

JONATHAN BERNIS: That’s the wall for Jewish People and Christians. Jews stay on the left side of it, and Christians tend to stay on the right side of it. But it’s not the way God intended. (more…)

Testing the Spirits

How do you know whether what you are hearing and seeing is from God or from the devil or simply something you conjured up yourself? Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Bernis and guest panelist Paul Lewis provide a scriptural answer to this much-asked question during the March 11, 2010 Jewish Voice live monthly webcast.

JONATHAN BERNIS: Testing the spirits means we have to compare everything, every revelation, to the Word of God. If it’s not in the Book or if it is opposed to the Book, then it’s not of God. If you have gone beyond the Bible, you have gone out too far. (more…)

Becoming God’s Arrow: Affixing the Arrowhead

By Cheryl Schang,
JVMI’s Vice President of Global Outreach

Without the arrowhead, the arrow would never reach its target. Likewise, with the Holy Spirit, we won’t have the necessary power to hit our spiritual target.

An arrowhead doesn’t grow out of the arrow. You have to get it from somewhere else and stick it on. Why do you have an arrowhead? Why don’t you sharpen the stick really sharp? Because a sharp stick won’t penetrate. You need something a little more powerful.

Just being cleaned up and stripped off isn’t quite enough to be an arrow for God. You have to have power from God, and you get that from the Holy Spirit. You can’t just say you have done a really good job of cleaning yourself up and you don’t need the Holy Spirit. Without power, you can’t penetrate the issues, you can’t pentrate your society, you can’t penetrate your problem. The arrowhead is the power part, and you have to get it from an outside source.

Even Jesus, who lived a perfect of a life, needed the power of the Holy Spirit. He came as Son of Man, and though He was morally perfect, He didn’t have the power necessary to penetrate His generation. He had to have something from an outside source, the Holy Spirit. When Jesus was baptized, He was filled with the Holy Spirit. We also have to be filled with the Holy Spirit. (more…)