Israel-Syria Border Tensions ‘More Explosive’


The two-year civil war in Syria has often threatened to spill across the borders into other nations. This week that threat moved even closer to reality as Syrian troops (intelligence reports indicate these were government troops rather than rebels) fired on an IDF patrol jeep near the Golan border. Syria claims to have attacked the jeep inside their territory, but Israel insists the jeep was on Israeli land. Israel responded to the attack with a missile that destroyed the stronghold from which the shots were fired.

In a bluntly worded statement, Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff General Benny Gantz said, “Israel cannot allow the Golan Heights area to become a comfortable space for Assad to operate from. If he causes [the situation on] the Golan Heights to deteriorate, he will have to bear the consequences.” One reporter described the situation as “more explosive” than anything seen in recent years. (more…)


SpITxyKivbS3oRYmndonBrCvmsItzFgAo-TD1bC9ZLQThe bitter and brutal civil war that has been raging in Syria for months has left tens of thousands dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. The government of Israel has publicly expressed their concern over Syria’s ability to control the large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons they are known to possess. Certainly having these in the hands of Hezbollah or some other terrorist group would pose a grave danger to the Jewish People. (more…)

High-Grade Explosives Smuggled into Israel by Hezbollah

Israeli intelligence has arrested eight people connected with a terrorist smuggling operation that brought 20 kilograms of C4 into Israel from Lebanon as part of a Hezbollah effort to put the pieces in place for a major series of attacks inside Israel. The explosives, which were apparently brought into the country by drug smugglers who had been paid to transport them, were discovered in a field outside of Nazareth. (more…)

David McClendon Turns Righteous Anger Into Art

While David McClendon hand-signs “The Roaring Lion of the Tribe of Y’hudah” prints for Jewish Voice, he explains how God inspired him to express heavenly ideas through this beautiful artwork. This print is taken from the original painting, which hangs as a 5 X 7 tapestry at Beth Yachad Messianic Congregation in Phoenix, Ariz.

“At the time I painted this, the power of the Spirit of God was so heavy upon me. The war of hezbollah against Israel coming in from Lebanon was going on. It disturbed my spirit greatly to see the enemies of Israel hiding behind women and children and literally having built military weapons depots underneath villages so if there was any retaliation, the world press would misrepresent it as atrocities committed by Israel.

“In my spirit, I was enraged. I felt the anger and rage of God, because God says in His Word that He will come back and smite the nations and that He will bring judgment. (more…)