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Be Encouraged by Hear O’ Israel Mexico City Ministry Highlights

2012-mexicocity_sqmDon’t miss the Hear O’ Israel International Festival of Jewish Music & Dance showcase featuring amazing moments from one of our most epic outreaches. The Mexico City Hear O’ Israel showcase captures a city vibrant with culture and rich in diversity, highlighting life changing ministry, worshipful music, and breathtaking dance performances by some of the most talented and anointed Messianic performers in the world today. You will be encouraged and uplifted as you witness God at work in the world’s ninth largest city.

Be sure to watch our Mexico City Hear O’ Israel Festival on our TV show the week of May 6, 2013. View our sneak peak of next week’s show here:

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Argentina 2011: One Place, One Purpose

August 2011 Rosario, Argentina, FestivalWhat if. . .

One hundred people from seven nations came together with one purpose in one city?

What if they gave one week to come and pray, sing, dance, play, work, share, greet, promote – all with one God-given purpose in mind?

What if they partnered with the heart and promises of the Living God for the salvation and restoration of Israel?

Could that city be changed forever? Could that day be the day of salvation for thousands? Could there be life from the dead? Could hope be restored?

Find out with us this August in Argentina during our Hear O’ Israel Festival of Jewish Music and Dance. Our trip dates are August 19 – 29, 2011. Go to our Festivals page online for details.

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Hear O’ Israel! Argentina Festival

Rabbi Meets Spiritual Need in Uruguay

By Jonathan Bernis,
Jewish Voice CEO

Jonathan Bernis, CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International, talks about the spiritual climate of Uruguay and the amazing results of the 2010 JVMI Messianic festival of Jewish music and dance in Montevideo during a staff chapel.

Uruguay is different from the surrounding countries like Argentina and Brazil, which have experienced revival and which have large churches on fire for the Lord.  They are nations that have a considerable number of Believers and have some recognition of God. (more…)

In God’s Tractor Beam

By Jonathan Bernis,
CEO of Jewish Voice

In this post, Jonathan Bernis recounts the amazing things God did during the Hear O’ Israel! Festival of Jewish Music & Dance in Montevideo, Uruguay, August 2010. In the YouTube video clip, Rabbi Bernis shares his passionate concern with the Jewish Voice staff for a Jewish Uruguayan widow who, though unbelieving, came to the Festival night performances and showed great interest.  Bernis believes this elderly woman will one day bow the knee to her Messiah Yeshua.

After the Thursday evening concert, I went out to a late dinner with Paul Wilbur just to talk to him about a few things. We found this remote restaurant that was about two blocks away from the concert hall.

We were sitting there quietly when a woman in her late 70s-early 80s walked through the door. She had a bag with all of the Festival books, so I knew right away she had come from the Festival.

She gently came up to us. She didn’t speak very good English, but she was a Jewish woman, not a Believer, who was on vacation in Montevideo from Beunos Aires. She had come to the Festival Wednesday and she had come back Thursday, and in broken English she made it clear that she was not a Believer and she didn’t believe in it.

I asked, “Did you enjoy it?” And she said, “Yes, yes, very much.” (more…)

A Little Hebrew Goes a Long Way

By Wendy Arnold,
Uruguay 2010 Hear O’ Israel! Festival volunteer

Wendy Arnold (left) listens to instructions for JVMI participants.

Wendy Arnold (left) listens to instructions for JVMI participants.

The Hear O’ Israel! Festival in Montevideo, Uruguay, was my first experience with Jewish Voice. What a privilege to be counted among those representing the Creator of the universe, the King of kings!

During the street outreach, when the Jewish Voice team passed out fliers to local passersby to invite them to the nightly, free Messianic concert, I was delighted by those who would tell me they were not interested in the Hear O’ Israel Festival! event but then would immediately turn back to ask questions and take more than one flier to share with others.  One gentlemen actually walked away and half an hour or so later, tapped me on the shoulder  because he wanted to talk. He was even receptive to prayer. (more…)

Young Man Finds the Lord in Uruguay

By Mayune Charles-Vought,
Uruguay 2010 Hear O’ Israel! Festival volunteer

Participant Mayune Charles-Vought praises God.

Participant Mayune Charles-Vought praises God.

It is such a joy to be part of what God is doing in the earth today, saving His people from their sins. Words are not enough to say thanks to the administrative staff of Jewish Voice for going ahead and making it easier for us to join hearts and hands doing the work of the ministry.

I want to share with you a testimony that stands out in my mind that occurred on Friday evening, August 20, 2010, during the Hear O’ Israel! Festival in Montevideo, Uruguay. (more…)

‘Kingdom Builder’ Shares Her Uruguay Festival Story

By Constance Standish,
Uruguay 2010 Hear O’ Israel! Festival volunteer

Constance Standish (left) prays in Uruguay.

Constance Standish (left) prays in Uruguay.

A Kingdom builder—that is what I call myself after going on my first mission trip with Jewish Voice Ministries International to Uruguay.

During the altar calls after the festivals, I was able to pray, with my interpreter, a Jewish woman and a Gentile man into God’s glorious kingdom.  I prayed with many Uruguayans and they blessed me abundantly. YEA!  THANK YOU, YESHUA. (more…)