Use Your Medical Skills in Addis Ababa

Are you a medical professional? An eye doctor? A dentist? Then we need your help!

There are thousands of impoverished Jewish People in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, who need to see a doctor. Many of these conditions are completely treatable— they just don’t have the funds for medical care.

That’s where Jewish Voice steps in. We offer free medical care to these Lost Tribes of Israel through a free medical, dental, and eye clinic through a short-term mission trip. (more…)


How to Share Yeshua


Jewish Voice Today, Nov/Dec 2010

Jewish Voice Today, Nov/Dec 2010

By Rabbi Jonathan Bernis,
President of Jewish Voice

When non-Jews ask me how to speak with a Jewish Person about the Gospel, I respond with another question: How do you talk to anybody about the Gospel? The simple answer is that you begin by caring enough to listen and see what’s going on in his or her life.

You can usually tell when someone doesn’t believe in God, so it’s probably not a good idea to jump right in about Jesus being the Anointed One. For someone who doesn’t believe in sin, you might want to avoid talking about Jesus bearing the sins of all mankind.

Where do you start witnessing to Jewish People? Pray for them. Show through your actions that you care for them. Let your light shine so they know that you have a special relationship with God that clearly comes through with genuine love for them and concern for where they will spend eternity. (more…)

Adventurer? Join Us in Woliso!

Gefat of Woliso, Ethiopia

The Gefat of Woliso, Ethiopia

Are you a rugged adventurer wanting to go on a medical outreach to an exotic, picturesque location to help Jewish People come to know their Messiah?

Here’s your chance to come volunteer with Jewish Voice in 2011 for a brand-new evangelistic outreach to the Gefat people of Woliso, Ethiopia, a new Jewish community! (more…)

Why Jews Need the Gospel Now

Rabbi Jack Zimmerman

Rabbi Jack Zimmerman of Jewish Voice

By Messianic Rabbi Jack Zimmerman,
Jewish Voice’s Staff Evangelist

The fact that we at Jewish Voice Ministries International are an evangelistic ministry is really important, because in some, not all, sects of dispensationalism, there is this feeling that since Jewish People will have their opportunity to be saved post-Rapture, it is not necessary to share the Good News with them right now.

The belief is that back in the days before the Crucifixion, Jews had their opportunity—the “Jesus bus” came up to get them and a lot of them got on then. But after Yeshua was crucified, the “bus” left. The “bus” is coming back again at the time of the Tribulation, but in the meantime, no Jews can get on the “bus”. (more…)

Jewish People Find Their Messiah During Uruguay Festival

By Lavi Matesan,
Jewish Voice Correspondent and Photojournalist
DATELINE: Montevideo, Uruguay

The evangelistic results of our second night of our Messianic Hear O’ Israel! Festival of Jewish Music & Dance outreach (Festival de Música y Danza Judia in Spanish) in Montevideo, Uruguay, on Thursday, August 19, 2010, were the following:

  • 1,850 attendees
  • 700 cards turned in responding to an interest in Messianic Judaism or Yeshua
  • 39 salvations

Praise God for bringing Jewish People into His Kingdom!

Keep praying for us as we minister through our nightly Gospel presentations, through intercessory prayer, and through one-on-one conversations. We need the Lord’s strength, energy, insight, wisdom, and power.

Jewish Voice Ministries International

Hear O’ Israel! Festivals of Jewish Music & Dance

Uruguay 2010 Festival in Photos: First Night

By Lavi Matesan,
Jewish Voice Photojournalist
DATELINE: Montevideo, Uruguay

Want to know what we at Jewish Voice have been doing out here in Montevideo, Uruguay? Celebrating Yeshua our Messiah and presenting the Gospel message to both Jews and non-Jews in the city through our Messianic Hear O’ Israel! Festival of Jewish Music & Dance!

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Jewish Voice Ministries International

Hear O’ Israel! Festivals of Jewish Music & Dance

Pray for JVMI’s Uruguay Evangelistic Outreach

Uruguay city scene

Beautiful Uruguay

It won’t be long before our team from Jewish Voice travels to Montevideo, Uruguay, to bring the Gospel through a creative presentation of Messianic Jewish music and dance to the Jewish people in South America! Trip dates are August 13-23.

We covet your intercessory prayers for this international evangelistic outreach.

Here are specific ways you can pray for us:

  • Pray that our Jewish Voice team and volunteers would remain healthy and unified during this short term mission.
  • Pray that all volunteers and luggage get to the final destination with no trip delays due to weather or airport issues.
  • Pray for safety and God’s anointing on our street team in Montevideo, tasked with handing out flyers detailing the performance event to the locals.
  • Pray that every seat in the event arena would be filled with willing souls ready to be challenged in their faith.
  • Pray that the Jewish People in Montevideo who attend this Messianic event will be open to accepting Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah when the Gospel is presented.
  • Pray that a record number of Jewish People would accept the Lord as their personal Savior.
  • Pray for our intercessory team to have God’s revelation, power, and compassion for each soul that desires special prayer.
  • Pray that our Jewish Voice team is able to beautifully capture this event through various media—including TV/video, photos, stories, and more.
  • Pray that all Messianic singers and dancers would have consistent energy and God’s anointing during the performances.
  • Pray for Jonathan Bernis as he presents the Gospel message through a translator that the message is broadcast clearly and with passion.
  • Pray that this experience would be life changing—both for those we minister to in Uruguay and those who join us on this outreach.

Thank you!

Jewish Voice Ministries International

Hear O’ Israel Festival of Jewish Music and Dance