Gondar Medical Outreach Featured in December 2012 Newsletter

Connections-Dec2012-archiveJewish Voice took a team to Gondar, Ethiopia, to conduct a 5-day free medical clinic for the Jewish community there. The results were awesome! Read about it in our December 2012 Connections newsletter.

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Gondar 2012 Medical Mission: Stats and Photos

Great results from our recent Jewish Voice Gondar, Ethiopia, medical outreach! We treated 9,635 people in our free, five-day medical clinic, and we witnessed 3,685 people pray to receive Yeshua as their Messiah!

Enjoy the slideshow from our clinic. These photos are by one of our veteran volunteers, Rusty Clarke.

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Gondar’s Prophetic Destiny During Sukkot

By Jonathan Gannon,
Director of Global Outreach for Jewish Voice Ministries International

DATELINE: Gondar, Ethiopia

We have just completed our second full outreach day here in Gondar with very exiting results. Every member of the outreach team has worked diligently and intensely since landing here in Ethiopia nearly two weeks ago.

Following the group orientation and rest for the newly arrived international team of 56 medical professionals and volunteers, we flew to Gondar on Sunday morning. Following lunch, we were greeted by torrential rains that delayed the medical orientation and final set-up of the outreach compound. As always, our Medical Director has engineered an amazingly efficient clinic system that seems to improve by the day. Our Jewish Voice Ethiopian national leadership team have all supported the clinic planning and operations with great diligence. In addition to all this, Jack Zimmerman and the prayer team have witnessed almost overwhelming results in the prayer room. (more…)

God Changes Life of Alcoholic in Gondar

By Jennifer Dodsworth,
Outreach Recruitment and Communications Manager for Jewish Voice Ministries International

DATELINE: Gondar, Ethiopia

Long Line to see the doctor at 2011 Gondar Medical ClinicYesterday, we served a wide range of Ethiopians from orphans to families, from the elderly to newborns at our free medical clinic.

One gentleman came in to see Dr. Robyn with stomach pains. As she spoke with him, she learned that he had come to our clinic last year and couldn’t wait to see us again. He had been an alcoholic and has been sober for the past six months!

Last year he had been diagnosed with TB and wanted to ensure that everything was looking good. Dr. Robyn affirmed that he was looking great and was excited to hear that he was making healthy choices.

At the end of the visit, he couldn’t help but exclaim his love for Jewish Voice Ministries.

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More Than One Thousand Seen on First Day of Gondar Medical Clinic

Derinda Walker, medical volunteer, sets up the nursing station at our Gondar, Ethiopia 2012 medical trip.

By Jennifer Dodsworth,
Outreach Recruitment and Communications Manager for Jewish Voice Ministries International

Lush and green from the end of the rainy season, Gondar, Ethiopia, is bursting with life.

The streets were clogged with flocks of goats and cows being herded in the middle of the road as we drove to the medical clinic site, flowers were bursting forth in shocks of yellow and red, and the dear people of Ethiopia gathered in anticipation outside of the gates of our clinic.

With our staff of medical professionals and volunteers ready to serve, we opened our doors bright and early this morning. More than a thousand patients were seen today in our medical, dental, and eye care clinic. Our pharmacy was filling prescriptions as quickly as the doctors could write them. Our generators ran faithfully to supply power, allowing much needed dental extractions and gynecological exams to those who might only see a doctor the one time a year we provide a clinic. And, most importantly, the Gospel was presented and available to any and all.

Thank you for all the prayers, and please continue as we have four more days to invest in the community here in Gondar.

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Jewish Voice Prays Over Medical Supplies to Ethiopia

The Jewish Voice Global Outreach team packed medical supplies to ship to Ethiopia for our 2012 medical outreaches to Woliso (end of February), Addis Ababa (beginning of March), and Gondar, Ethiopia (end of September).

Jewish Voice staff then prayed over the medical supplies and prayed for several  Global Outreach team members before they left for Mexico City to prepare for our festival outreach there in the summer.

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A Modern-Day ‘Loaves and Fish’ Experience

Eye surgery patients in Gondar, Ethiopia

Eye surgery patients in Gondar, Ethiopia

Thank you so much for praying for our Gondar medical outreach. Because of you, God graciously turned around an initially discouraging situation.

Before our Jewish Voice medical outreach trip to Gondar, Ethiopia, we had several bags full of medical supplies confiscated by Customs. This presented a serious setback for us. We depend on these supplies to provide for the impoverished Jewish and Gentile people that come to us for help.

Fortunately we had enough medicines, vitamins, antibiotic eye drops, and glasses on hand to complete the clinic—and with boxes of medicines left over!

The Lord multiplied our supplies like Yeshua multiplied the loaves and fish in John 6. He provided exactly what we needed to complete our mission with excellence.

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