Nearly 900 Express Faith in Yeshua at Hosanna Medical Outreach Day Three


Jewish People from Hosanna, Ethiopia, stand in line at the Jewish Voice medical clinic, patiently waiting their turn to see a doctor. Photo by Tim Kearns, volunteer Physicians Assistant.


Rick Kingham,
Executive Director of Global Ministries for Jewish Voice

DATELINE: Hosanna, Ethiopia

Our largest numbers this week occurred today at the Jewish Voice medical clinic in Hosanna, Ethiopia—more than 2,000 patients and nearly 900 expressions of faith in Yeshua! Hundreds from the Gefat community came to experience the historic launch of the only Messianic congregation in the region! Jonathan Bernis, President and CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International, and I challenged the people to exalt the name of Yeshua.

Consider joining us on a Jewish Voice medical mission as a volunteer!  All throughout the year, we host international medical outreaches for underprivileged Jewish communities in remote parts of Africa and India that feature free treatment for medical, eye, and dental conditions. Our five-day clinics bring not only physical healing through medicine and medical procedures, but also spiritual healing through sharing the Gospel of Yeshua and through prayer. You don’t have to be a medical professional to raise your own support and come on a humanitarian outreach with us; you just need to be willing to serve with a heart of compassion. Sign up for an upcoming outreach.

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70,000 Lives Can Be Changed Next Week By You

Children-getting-water3Dear Friend,

I bought a bottle of drinking water at the gas station the other day, and was amazed at the choices—plain water, sparkling water, water from Fiji, from France, from Switzerland . . . flavored water, and even “Smart Water”! Billions of dollars are spent annually on bottled water. We can also turn the tap at home any time and safely drink what pours out.

In other parts of the world, almost a BILLION PEOPLE draw drinking water from polluted ponds or slow moving streams that contain human waste, people bathe, wash clothes, and animals live.

Finding any water is a daily life and death struggle.  Do they drink it and risk sickness and even death, or don’t drink knowing death could come today?   

  • Over 4,000 children die every day from water related illnesses.
  • 3.4 MILLION people die each year from a water related disease.
  • Waterborn illnesses such as cholera, typhoid, and parasites are easily preventable with water purification.

Drilling wells is not the perfect answer. Wells can break, often only work in rainy seasons, and shallow well water can still be dangerous. Thugs also take control and demand payment for well access.

We are so thrilled to report that we have found a solution to this problem!  
It is the LifeStraw, a simple non-electrical, personal-use water filtration system that easily purifies even the most polluted water. They are easy to use and last a year or more!

Equipped with the LifeStraw, families have a safe, clean water supply and are protected from life-threatening illnesses.

At the end of April, we return to Ethiopia to a new location called Hosanna. The Hebrew definition of the term hosannais “salvation.” We are so excited to provide immediate clean water access and share the Living Water of Yeshua with the thirsty! (more…)

Ministering to Africa’s Lost Tribes

Jewish Voice CEO Jonathan Bernis explains the adventure in discovering and ministering to a new Jewish community called the Gefat people of Woliso, Ethiopia, linked to the Lost Tribes of Israel, during a Jewish Voice medical mission trip earlier this year.

From this mission, JVMI was able to plant a Bible school through the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute (MJBI) with some 170 students. More outreaches in the future look likely for Jewish Voice to minister to the Yiber tribe of Somaliland and the Lemba of Zimbabwe. It’s a true “Indiana Jones” adventure.

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Medical Mission Challenges: No Water!

Our Lead Logistics Manager at Jewish Voice, Benjamin Levitt, explains the dire conditions of the Africa medical clinic mission—no water and no power—and how God helped Jewish Voice find a solution so that we could continue serving the poor Gefat Jewish community of Woliso, Ethiopia through a free medical clinic and presentation of the Gospel.

Jewish Voice Ministries International

Prayer Literally Opens Way for Messianic Ministry in Woliso

Rusty prays for an Ethiopian Jew in Woliso - photo by Sam Fontejon

Rusty prays for an Ethiopian Jew in Woliso – photo by Sam Fontejon

By Benjamin Levitt,
Lead Logistics Manager, Jewish Voice Global Outreach

In this report about our first medical clinic to the new Gefat Jewish community in Woliso, Ethiopia, in February and March 2011, Benjamin Levitt recounts the miracles God did not just in restoring this remote, poor community’s Jewish heritage, but the miracles God did to enable the medical outreach to be successful. So many obstacles stood in the way, but your faithful prayers and God’s powerful strategies opened the door for amazing ministry there.


Caught on Tape: Woliso Medical Mission Videos

During our first medical clinic of 2011, we went to remote Woliso, Ethiopia, to attend to the physical and spiritual needs of the Gefat Jewish community. For the first time at one of our international outreaches, we brought along several video cameras for our Jewish Voice medical, prayer, and administrative volunteers to use to capture key moments during our mission: miracles of healing, happenings in and around the clinic, participants talking about their roles at the clinic.

We hope you enjoy a couple of these featured videos. You can always watch more on our Jewish Voice YouTube channel.

Alice Rivas, our prayer director, captures this video above. (more…)

Woliso Outreach: The Blessing Continues

Woliso Ethiopia Photo by Sam Fontejon

Photo by Sam Fontejon

The last two days of our March 2011 Jewish Voice medical clinic in Woliso, Ethiopia, proved to be even more of a blessing than the first three days. God amazed us with provision as we were able to bring health, healing, and the Gospel to the Gefat Jewish community. Thank you for your prayers! We will have more reports as we get them.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

  • 1,766 patients treated
  • 273 salvations
  • 82 healings

Friday, March 4, 2011

  • 1,637 patients treated
  • 270 salvations
  • 93 healings

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