God Brings Unity to Hear O’ Israel! Argentina

Argentina stampDuring the first orientation meeting for the Hear O’ Israel! 2009 Festival, Jonathan Bernis told the team that, yes, we were in Cordoba, Argentina, to change the country through bringing the Good News of Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, to the Argentine people, but in the process we would be transformed as well. Looking back on the experience I didn’t know how true his statement would be. (more…)


Photos of Shabbat Service in Cordoba

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Final Stats for JVMI Cordoba Festival Outreach 2009

139,000 invitation flyers to the 3 night festival were passed out by the Street Outreach team on the streets of Cordoba

Thursday, October 29, Friday, October 30, and Saturday, October 31 Stats:

  • 12,100 people in attendance.
  • 6,910 books (Betrayed, by Stan Telchin) given away at festival event entrance.
  • 4,630 follow-up cards collected.
  • 222 state the attendant is Jewish.
  • 154 state they are Jewish Believers.
  • 68 state nothing when asked if they are Believers.
  • 4,408 did not identify themselves as Jewish on the cards collected.
  • 3,406 state they are Believers.
  • 1,002 state nothing when asked if they are Believers.
  • 434 salvations recorded.
  • 61 informed that they are Jewish.
  • 345 informed they are not Jewish.
  • 28 gave no answer when asked if they are Jewish.

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Favorite Cordoba Festival Photos 2009

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Hear O’ Israel! Cordoba Festival Photos

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Concluding Night of Cordoba Festival 2009

What an incredible night!

It’s now past 1:00 a.m. and we’ve just barely concluded our first festival event in Cordoba.

For the past two days, it’s been a whirlwind of activity. Wednesday and Thursday have blended and blurred into the same day, due to how seemingly fast time is moving. Street Outreach has included a session that ran 10 p.m. to midnight last night.

Rehearsals at the venue were held yesterday and today to perfect the harmonizing of all the acts into one phenomenal event—we have the Messiah Company dancers and flag bearers; Maurice Sklar, world-renown violinist with his inspired, moving renditions of Hatikvah (Israeli national anthem), Schindler’s List and Raisins & Almonds pieces, joining Paul Wilbur, Integrity Music recording artist, world-traveling musician and worship singer, as he sings his songs in Spanish and invites people to join the dancing at the foot of the stage.

Plus, we had Jonathan Bernis giving his testimony and sharing the Good News with the audience with well-known Argentinian evangelist as his translator, Omar Cabrera; and the outreach team and a whole slew of Argentinian intercessors stepping up to pray with whomever may need prayer at the end of the evening.

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Cordoba Festival Gets Radio Play

Another interview, another radio station, this time, a Christian one.

This station that plays contemporary Christian music from around the world welcomed Rabbi Jonathan Bernis to its studio today for an hour and half to talk with the DJ, Daniel, answer questions from listener phone calls, and promote the festival over the airwaves.

Daniel feels great appreciation for the Jewish People and made mention of wanting to be a support. DJ Daniel was really touched by Jonathan’s message, the teachings from Isaiah 62, Romans 11, and on the error of Replacement Theology—so much so that he would almost burst into tears from Jonathan’s words due to this tender heart, compassionate for the lost sheep of the House of Israel.

Report from the Street Outreach Team:

Though the Jewish Community may not like our publicity efforts for the festival, we are absolutely reaching Jewish people with our promotions in the form of flyers and billboards.

So far 78,000 flyers have been handed out thus far and few more sessions are scheduled for getting more passed out before the first night of festival ensues.

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