It’s Israel’s 64th Birthday!

Today Jewish People around the world are celebrating Israel’s Independence Day. In 1948 the Jewish state was reborn…and immediately plunged into war. Those first few desperate weeks saw hundreds of under-trained and poorly equipped Jewish soldiers fight off vastly superior numbers of Arab invaders who came from every side to try to destroy Israel before it could become a nation. (more…)


Today is Israel’s 63rd Birthday

Celebrate 63 years of independence! The State of Israel’s Independence Day in 2011 is May 10.

Interesting Israel Stats*

  • Israel’s population has hit 7.7 million, with a growth of 2%—155,000 new citizens since this time last year
  •  Just over 75% of her citizens are of Jewish descent
  •  20.5% are Arab
  •  4.2% are other nationalities
  •  70% of citizens are “Sabras”—Israeli-born, compared to 1948, Israel’s first year, when only 35% of the population had been born here
*Stats courtesy Israel Prayer List,

Jewish Voice Ministries International