Gondar, Ethiopia Medical Outreach 2011: Day Three Report From the Field

Jewish Voice’s Director of Global Outreach, Jonathan Gannon, shares the staggering numbers for day 3 of our 5-day free healthcare clinic to the Beta Israel in Gondar, Ethiopia. We treated 1,615 patients and witnessed 449 salvations. Just an amazing day!

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Interested in helping us bring free medical, dental, and eye care to impoverished Jewish communities in Ethiopia or India? We have an exciting schedule of trips for 2012. Check that out and if you want to know more, visit our Medical Outreach section online.


Addis Ababa Medical Clinic: Success in the Lord!

Medical professionals perform a free surgery in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Medical professionals perform a free surgery in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

We are thrilled that the Lord met us mightily in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as we ministered the love of Yeshua through free healthcare to the impoverished Beta Israel and Beta Avraham Jewish communities there. Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support to Jewish Voice so that we could bless these Chosen People at our medical clinic!


JVMI Travels to Ethiopia to End ‘Wall of Death’

In the capital of Addis Ababa, a city of nearly 5 million people, there is a suburb about a half an hour north called Kechene. This is the location of our five-day Jewish Voice medical clinic where we are reaching the Beta Israel and Beta Avraham Jewish communities with free healthcare and the Messiah’s love.

In this edition of Jewish Voice online, Addis Ababa: Part Four, Jack Zimmerman, our Staff Evangelist and Addis Ababa Prayer Director, says, “There are many reasons why we are in this part of the country, and I think Jonathan Bernis touched on one of them some time ago when he spoke about the ‘wall of death’ in the synagogues in Addis Ababa.” Find out more about this ‘wall of death,’ and how God’s love compels us to travel halfway around the world to minister to some of the poorest of the poor on earth. (more…)

Ethiopia Video Update: Serving Impoverished Jewish Tribes

All this week on our blog, you will get to watch daily video updates explaining why we are in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, how we are serving the Jewish community there through free healthcare and the Good News of Yeshua (Jesus), and what wonderful things God is doing to heal bodies and hearts.

You will hear from our President, Jonathan Bernis, and our Staff Evangelist, Jack Zimmerman. Enjoy each YouTube video, and be sure to check back every day for updates! (more…)

First Pre-Medical Clinic Video from Ethiopia

Hi, friends and newbies to the Jewish Voice blog,

We are so excited that we have video straight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the site of our medical outreach to two Jewish communities, the Beta Avraham and the Beta Israel! Don’t forget to click “share” at the end of this blog post to send this to those you care about who need to know about this.

These impoverished Lost Tribes of Israel are desperate for medical care. We bring a group of volunteers at least once a year to Ethiopia to offer medical care free of charge. That includes eye care and dental care as well. It’s always a wonderful time of not only bringing in a team of skilled doctors to bless those who could never afford this type of healthcare, but also a wonderful time of ministry. God always does amazing things among these two Jewish tribes, healing them supernaturally and revealing Himself as their Messiah. (more…)

Photos: God at Work in Gondar

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Jewish Voice was privileged to go back to Gondar, Ethiopia, September 24-October 3, 2010 to bring the love of Yeshua (Jesus) and necessary medical care to the Beta Israel.

Thanks to the compassionate and talented crew of volunteer medical personnel who joined us on this medical mission trip, we were able to treat 7,700 Ethiopian Jews in our medical clinic and see 655 accept Messiah as Savior!

We hope you enjoy this first installment of photos from this outreach effort, taken by our photojournalist, Lavi Matesan. Be looking for more great shots this week. And, by the way, thanks for continuing to pray for us as we reach out to needy Jewish People around the world. 🙂

Jewish Voice Medical Outreaches

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Ethiopia Medical Mission – First Four Days

Map of Ethiopia, showing Gondar and Addis Ababa

Map of Ethiopia, showing Gondar and Addis Ababa

Our team of volunteers and staff are in Gondar, Ethiopia, ministering to the Beta Israel Jewish population through free medical, dental, and eye clinics, prayer ministry, and the Gospel message of Yeshua (Jesus).

As Internet access is limited there and communication can be quite difficult at times, we were thrilled to get this report from the field via phone recently from our Director of Global Outreach, Jonathan Gannon.