Astounding Success at Hosanna Medical Clinic


The Jewish Voice Hosanna medical clinic set-up in Hosanna, Ethiopia. Photo by Tim Kearns.

Rick Kingham,
Executive Director of Global Ministries for Jewish Voice

DATELINE: Hosanna, Ethiopia

The last day of our Jewish Voice Hosanna medical clinic brought plenty of challenges; many of the team are still on a bus, which is stuck in the mud! Yet attitudes are still great.

Today we saw 2,498 patients in our clinic, and the total patients we were able to help during our clinic was 9,398! Our numbers are still incomplete on those who visited the prayer room.

Tomorrow we will pack up and head back to Addis Ababa.

Consider joining us on a Jewish Voice medical mission as a volunteer!  All throughout the year, we host international medical outreaches for underprivileged Jewish communities in remote parts of Africa and India that feature free treatment for medical, eye, and dental conditions. Our five-day clinics bring not only physical healing through medicine and medical procedures, but also spiritual healing through sharing the Gospel of Yeshua and through prayer. You don’t have to be a medical professional to raise your own support and come on a humanitarian outreach with us; you just need to be willing to serve with a heart of compassion. Sign up for an upcoming outreach.

Jewish Voice Ministries International

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