SpITxyKivbS3oRYmndonBrCvmsItzFgAo-TD1bC9ZLQThe bitter and brutal civil war that has been raging in Syria for months has left tens of thousands dead and hundreds of thousands homeless. The government of Israel has publicly expressed their concern over Syria’s ability to control the large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons they are known to possess. Certainly having these in the hands of Hezbollah or some other terrorist group would pose a grave danger to the Jewish People.

In the last forty-eight hours news reports have begun to surface that Israel has been taking military action inside Syria. Although almost no details are being publicly confirmed, it appears that the Israeli air force has been carrying out airstrikes deep inside Syrian territory. The most informed speculation indicates that Israel struck a military arms convoy that was either near the Syrian border with Lebanon, or that had perhaps just crossed over into Lebanon. No credible reports have detailed what was being transported in the convoy.

It is known that Israel has been working closely with Western intelligence services to try to track the location of all of Syria’s weapons of mass destruction. There have been a number of reports from Syria that the Assad government has used chemical weapons against rebel targets, but due to the ongoing civil war, no outside observers have been able to evaluate these claims.

What we do know for certain is that the crisis situation in Syria poses a real and serious danger to the nation of Israel. I am asking you today to make this a matter of special prayer.  Though Israel has some of the most sophisticated missile defense systems in the world, a chemical or biological weapons attack would still have devastating results on the population.

We are working with our ministry partners inside Israel to be ready to respond in case of a tragedy or the outbreak of war. Your financial support makes it possible for us to prepare to minister to the Jewish People in the event of such an emergency in the name and love of Yeshua.  Please be faithful in your praying and giving during these difficult days. God bless you.

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