Upcoming Vote Has Huge Implications for Israel’s Future

703346_10151355490224532_1208902426_oJonathan Bernis,
President and CEO of Jewish Voice

Next week voters across Israel head to the polls to select the next Prime Minister and Knesset to lead the Jewish state. Though Prime Minister Netanyahu is widely expected to be re-elected, there is a good deal of uncertainty regarding the makeup of the new Knesset. Israel’s parliamentary system, unlike here in the United States, features numerous political parties. In fact the last Knesset had representatives from 18 different parties!

That creates the need to build coalition governments. In light of the challenges Israel is facing politically, economically, and militarily, this election has huge implications for Israel’s future.  The new government will have to deal with an increasingly hostile Egyptian government headed by a member of the radical Muslim Brotherhood, the ongoing bloody civil war in Syria, and, of course, the threat of a nuclear Iran. I am asking you to join me today in praying that God will give Israel a stable and wise government that will lead the Jewish state through these difficult times.

Recent reports out of Israel have shown a dramatic increase in poverty and hunger among the Jewish People. There has been a concerted effort by Israel’s enemies to encourage boycotts of Israeli products and services, and that along with the worldwide economic downturn has made things very difficult for the Israeli economy. In addition the serious military threats Israel is facing have required massive investments in defensive technology like the Iron Dome missile defense system that defended so many Jewish civilians during the outbreak of terrorist violence late last year.

There are great needs among the Jewish People right now, and today, I am asking for your help in meeting those needs. We are working with more than two dozen ministry partners in Israel to provide urgently needed food and other basic necessities to those who are poor and hungry.  Your prayers and financial support make it possible for us to continue these outreaches of love in the name of Yeshua.

Thank you for standing with us in the work to which God has called us. We appreciate you so much, and pray that God will bless you for being such a great blessing to the Jewish People.

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