Israeli Military Responds to Increased Terrorist Attacks From Gaza

Following a week of increasing terrorist attacks from Gaza—well over 100 rocket and mortar attacks have been launched against southern Israel in recent days—the Israeli military has begun a series of counterstrikes. More than twenty rocket launching sites were destroyed yesterday, and at least one top Hamas military leader was killed in an airstrike. The Israeli government has publicly declared their intention to enforce renewed calm with whatever military steps are necessary.

It is worth remembering that Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005, forcing all Jewish residents to leave and handing over their homes and businesses to the Palestinians. It was hoped that this would lead to peace, but instead Gaza has simply become the hotbed of anti-Israeli activity. It provides a convenient launching pad for attacks against the Jewish People.

Gaza is completely controlled by the Hamas terrorist movement. The Palestinian Authority, the governing body led by Mahmoud Abbas, has no effective control over the region at all. Egyptian officials are said to be attempting to negotiate an end to the latest round of terrorist attacks against Israel.

This is certainly a time for serious prayer. These attacks are basically completely random. Almost all of the weapons being fired against Israel are unguided—meaning those who fire them simply point them toward Israel and hope they land on something. They could (and do) strike schools and homes as easily as military targets. Many people have been injured, schools and businesses forced to close, and homes and buildings destroyed in these attacks.

In addition to your prayers, your financial support today will allow us to do more to work with our ministry partners inside Israel to respond to these attacks and meet the needs of those who are suffering as a result. There is a sense of urgency that comes with this news—we must work quickly to reach these people.

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