Gondar’s Prophetic Destiny During Sukkot

By Jonathan Gannon,
Director of Global Outreach for Jewish Voice Ministries International

DATELINE: Gondar, Ethiopia

We have just completed our second full outreach day here in Gondar with very exiting results. Every member of the outreach team has worked diligently and intensely since landing here in Ethiopia nearly two weeks ago.

Following the group orientation and rest for the newly arrived international team of 56 medical professionals and volunteers, we flew to Gondar on Sunday morning. Following lunch, we were greeted by torrential rains that delayed the medical orientation and final set-up of the outreach compound. As always, our Medical Director has engineered an amazingly efficient clinic system that seems to improve by the day. Our Jewish Voice Ethiopian national leadership team have all supported the clinic planning and operations with great diligence. In addition to all this, Jack Zimmerman and the prayer team have witnessed almost overwhelming results in the prayer room.

The results for the first two days are as follows:

  • Monday – 1,592 patients treated, 444 salvations
  • Tuesday –  2,100 patients treated, 766 salvations

We sensed that a level of prophetic destiny was to be linked to this outreach due to the timing of its opening. The clinic opened on the first day of Sukkot, allowing us to focus on the faithful manifest presence of God through the 40 years of wilderness wanderings of the people of Israel. During these years of suffering and displacement, God remained faithful to His people . . . even as they lived in temporary booths or tabernacles. Jonathan Bernis ministered this morning to the full outreach team (nearly 200 people total) on the prophetic fulfillment of Sukkot linked to our current work in Ethiopia. Just as Sukkot marks the final annual ingathering of the food harvest for the people of Israel, so is Jewish Voice engaging in the final harvest of Jewish souls around the world.

Pray for  strength for all as we serve these precious people during the remaining three days of our medical outreach.

More information about Jewish Voice medical outreaches

Jewish Voice Ministries International

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