More Than One Thousand Seen on First Day of Gondar Medical Clinic

Derinda Walker, medical volunteer, sets up the nursing station at our Gondar, Ethiopia 2012 medical trip.

By Jennifer Dodsworth,
Outreach Recruitment and Communications Manager for Jewish Voice Ministries International

Lush and green from the end of the rainy season, Gondar, Ethiopia, is bursting with life.

The streets were clogged with flocks of goats and cows being herded in the middle of the road as we drove to the medical clinic site, flowers were bursting forth in shocks of yellow and red, and the dear people of Ethiopia gathered in anticipation outside of the gates of our clinic.

With our staff of medical professionals and volunteers ready to serve, we opened our doors bright and early this morning. More than a thousand patients were seen today in our medical, dental, and eye care clinic. Our pharmacy was filling prescriptions as quickly as the doctors could write them. Our generators ran faithfully to supply power, allowing much needed dental extractions and gynecological exams to those who might only see a doctor the one time a year we provide a clinic. And, most importantly, the Gospel was presented and available to any and all.

Thank you for all the prayers, and please continue as we have four more days to invest in the community here in Gondar.

Jewish Voice Ministries International

Find out more about our medical outreaches

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