Tensions Between Washington and Jerusalem Break Into Open View

It is no secret that the relationship between U.S. President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has been strained. The two men reportedly do not trust each other, and the tension between their differing objectives has only increased the divide. The most central issue is the one posed by Iran’s nuclear program. The recent NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) report from Washington revealed that Iran is making much more rapid progress in their nuclear work than had previously been thought.

Each side faces a critical upcoming event. For Washington, that event is the November election. An outbreak of war in the Middle East would have serious economic impact on the entire world, and that in turn could greatly influence the outcome of the vote, and they are striving to prevent war prior to the election. For Jerusalem, that event is when Iran reaches the “zone of immunity”—the point at which conventional military action will not be able to prevent them from completing their nuclear work.

The latest reports are that Iran has now placed at least 5,000 centrifuges in the underground nuclear facility at Fordow. This site, constructed deep inside a mountain near the Iranian holy city of Qom, would be difficult if not impossible to destroy with anything short of a tactical nuclear attack or a ground invasion.

While both sides agree that a nuclear Iran is not acceptable, their assessment of the time remaining to solve the problem is very different. Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S., Michael Oren, said Israel’s clock is “ticking faster” than the one in America. It remains unclear whether Israel will take action before November, and if so, to what extent America will support them.

It is crucial that we continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and I encourage you today to do so from a position of faith. We do not know the future, but God does, and He is in control of everything that happens on the world stage.

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