High-Grade Explosives Smuggled into Israel by Hezbollah

Israeli intelligence has arrested eight people connected with a terrorist smuggling operation that brought 20 kilograms of C4 into Israel from Lebanon as part of a Hezbollah effort to put the pieces in place for a major series of attacks inside Israel. The explosives, which were apparently brought into the country by drug smugglers who had been paid to transport them, were discovered in a field outside of Nazareth.

Since the terrorist attack in Bulgaria, Israeli officials have greatly increased their security efforts, attempting to thwart other plots before they can be carried out. The recent escalation of rhetoric from Iran, with President Ahmadinejad’s call for the “annihilation” of Israel is being backed by actions carried out by many terrorist groups.

In addition, the continuing civil war in neighboring Syria has become much more violent.  Thousands have been killed and tens of thousands have fled the country to try to escape the bloodshed as the Assad regime tries to cling to power. The fate of Syria’s chemical and biological weapons is a major concern in Israel. If Hezbollah were to gain control of these deadly tools of war, the resulting death toll in Israel could be staggering.

There is certainly much for us to pray about regarding Israel and the Jewish People. We must be diligent to pray for their protection and that the many plots being hatched against them will be thwarted. Even more importantly, we must continue to do all we can to take the Gospel of Yeshua to His Chosen People and the world.

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