Zimbabwe Outreach: Fantastic First Three Days

By Benjamin Levitt,
Jewish Voice Lead International Logistics Manager

DATELINE: Zimbabwe
Thursday, May 31, 1:01 p.m.

Shalom and greetings from Mposi, Zimbabwe.

I am typing this from a large meeting tent in the middle of a grass field, as the temperature climbs out of the forties and our team enjoys a simple warm breakfast of porridge and hard boiled eggs.

The first three days of the Jewish Voice clinic have been a success. More than a success—thousands of Lemba people and their neighbors have received free medical, dental, and eye care, and more than  90 percent of those have chosen to come to the prayer room and hear about their Messiah, Yeshua.

The proclamation of the Word has been accompanied by signs and wonders. The blind are seeing, and the lame are walking. We are believing in faith that the HIV positive will be healed, and that the deadbolt be raised in Yeshua’s Name.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and intercession as we finish the last two days of this very rural and extremely challenging outreach. Please also pray for refreshment, perfect health, and continued wisdom for our Phoenix and Ethiopian staff team as many of us enter our third and fourth weeks on the international field. May the joy of the Lord be our strength!

Rejoice with us in this fruit:

  • Monday, May 28 – 724 treated;  108 dental cases; 658 new professions of faith; 50 people healed
  • Tuesday, May 29 – 1,450 treated; 10 eye surgeries; 148 dental cases; 1,093 new professions of faith; 56 people healed
  • Wednesday, May 30 – 1,458 treated; 11 eye surgeries;  189 dental cases; 1,118 new professions of faith; 90 people healed.

Three Day Total: 3,662 treated; 2,849 new professions of faith!

Trusting the Lord to do exceedingly immeasurably beyond all we could ask or imagine as we finish this groundbreaking week.

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  1. Laquita and Mark Jonas

     /  June 2, 2012

    This is what we have been praying for , beyond just our contributions. We are the tools in the hand of Adonai. Praise Him, we will have co-heirs from the Lemba.

  2. Carolynne Madore

     /  May 31, 2012

    Wonderful news. We will continue praying and interceding for the success of the trip and the refreshing of the participants…Praise be to Yeshua.

  3. 🔥fire on them Lord. More of your power Lord. More of you Lord! Increase and multiplication Lord. Hallelujah!


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