Top 10 Reasons to Join Our Israel Tour

We are taking a trip to Israel November 30- December 11, 2012, and we want you to come! It will be an inspiring journey to encourage your faith as you walk the places where Yeshua (Jesus) walked and learn about the biblical history of the area from the Messianic Jewish perspective or our own Rabbi Jonathan Bernis.

You won’t want to miss the trip of your lifetime! If you need encouragement to go, we have 10 reasons why you can’t miss this opportunity.

#10 – Your connection to Israel and her people will deepen as you walk in the Land and see the beautiful sites of present-day Israel.

#9 – You will gain a solid Messianic perspective on the biblical and historical sites of the Land of Israel through our teaching tour.

#8 – You will discover the proximity of places like Jerusalem and Bethlehem that seem distant in the Bible but are actually very close in reality.

#7 – For many years, JVMI has provided Israel Tours as an educational tool to teach the Hebraic foundation of the Bible to the Body of Messiah.

#6 – The Western Wall is the holiest site in Jerusalem for the Jewish People, as it is thought to be the only remnant of the Temple that was destroyed in 586 BCE. Come see this amazing landmark.

#5 – You will visit the Land from the highest point to the lowest and everything in between. You will stand at the breathtaking vistas at the top of Mt. Carmel as well as explore the depths of the Jordan Valley.

#4 – You will experience life as Peter and Andrew knew it as we sail the Sea of Galilee and stop in the middle of the sea for a time of worship and teaching from God’s Word.

#3 – You will get to celebrate Communion at the Garden Tomb, the site of Yeshua’s burial place.

#2 – Walking in the footsteps of Yeshua along the Via Dolorosa is a life changing experience.

#1 – Experiencing Israel alongside Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Bernis will expose you to teaching and wisdom that you won’t obtain anywhere else.

Convinced yet? Join us! Visit our Israel Tour page for more information, including our tour itinerary, FAQs, cost, and videos.

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  1. Menerva Santos

     /  July 12, 2012

    I just wonder how much is to be paid for the tour or could you please provide us the amount that we can expend through out the tour? Thank you!


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