Woliso 2012 Outreach: Five Days of God’s Blessings

Woliso Ethiopia Photo by Sam Fontejon

Photo by Sam Fontejon

By Jonathan Gannon,
Jewish Voice Director of Global Outreach

Last week turned out to be one of the most fruitful weeks we have ever seen, thanks to the intense prayer from you and so many others.

We treated nearly 1,000 more patients than our Woliso, Ethiopia, outreach last year, including scores of sight restorative surgeries from our eye team. The clinic operated at an extremely efficient level with full dental care (extractions, cleanings, and fillings), eye care (cataract surgeries, eye saving optometry, and glasses dispensed), and medical care (pediatrics, general medicine, and gynecology). Our newest department, the Distribution Center, provided hundreds of men, women, and children with shoes, clothes, blankets, soap, and other necessities.

Our prayer team, lead by Rabbi Jack Zimmerman, did an incredible job sharing the Good News of Yeshua and praying for more than 30% of all patients—an outreach record.

I don’t recall seeing more life saving situations in any other clinic than we did in Woliso. In one such case a young teenage boy came to the clinic very near death. Derinda Walker, a registered nurse and director of our Nursing Station, told us that he would have died within one or two days if he had not come to the clinic. He suffered from a simple tooth infection that spread into his jaw. His entire body was inflamed with the toxins from the infection, leaving him unable to walk on his own. He was unrecognizable from the swelling in his face. We quickly provided him with the necessary life-saving antibiotics and fluids through an IV and rushed him to the nearest hospital for his JVMI-sponsored surgery.

His is just one of many, many cases. Each and every medical outreach reminds us of the significance of the critical work that we continue to do to bring relief to the suffering of Jewish and non-Jewish people around the world.

Final Result of Our 2012 Woliso Outreach:

Monday: 1,300 patients treated / 340 prayed to receive Yeshua
Tuesday: 1,531 patients treated / 489 prayed to receive Yeshua
Wednesday: 1,790 patients treated / 369 prayed to receive Yeshua
Thursday: 1,845 patients treated / 728 prayed to receive Yeshua
Friday: 1,694 patients treated / 476 prayed to receive Yeshua

There are many more outreaches for you to join as a volunteer. If you are interested in coming on a trip with us- whether you are a medical professional or just want to serve poor Jewish communities with the love of Yeshua (Jesus), please see all the outreach trips we have planned in 2012:

Jewish Voice Ministries International

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