Pray Ethiopia Shipment Arrives for Our First Medical Outreach

Woliso Ethiopia Photo by Sam Fontejon

Photo by Sam Fontejon

By Jonathan Gannon,
Jewish Voice Director of Global Outreach


The Global Outreach team has been running hard and working since we arrived in Ethiopia on Saturday night. We covet your prayers for the logistical needs of these two back-to-back outreaches to Woliso and Addis Ababa.

Benjamin and Dr. Adane have been working around the clock to secure our large freight shipment from Ethiopian customs, but as of tonight we still do not have possession of the cargo. Our full team was scheduled to depart for Woliso tomorrow to finalize the first of the clinic details prior to our group’s arrival on Saturday. However, Benjamin, Mezmur, and Dr. Adane will be staying behind to ensure the cargo is released to us tomorrow. They are confident that all is processing the best it can, but prayer remains extremely critical. This is the same cargo that we packed in our Phoenix warehouse and of which we all prayed over prior to its departure. This cargo shipment remains critical to the success of both clinics—which begin on Monday!

In addition to praying for the cargo, please pray that the first wave of the outreach participant team arrives safely on Saturday. Pray that all airline connections are made, that our team leader has grace and strength as she leads the group through the travel process, that the flight would be safe, and that the customs process upon entry would be simple. We assume their entry into Ethiopia will be very easy, as most of the medicines and supplies were shipped with the cargo. However, some very critical eye surgery instruments will be brought into Ethiopia by our ophthalmological team. Israel Smith will be leading the second wave a week following with more medical professionals and volunteers for the Addis Ababa portion of the double outreach.

I’m so thankful for our great team here, both our Phoenix-based team and our national team. We have been seeking the Lord together daily and we are anxious and ready to move forward with these two outreaches. We know the Lord has orchestrated these events, and there will be abundant fruit. The Lord will be glorified through the work of so many.

I hope to report soon with good news about the cargo shipment. Please take five minutes today and pray intentionally about this project! The time is short.

If interested in joining one of our medical outreaches, please visit and then click on the “Sign Up Now!” link to register for the trip.

Jewish Voice Ministries International

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