God’s Mid-Week Blessing to the House of Israel in Manipur

A woman in Manipur, India waits to see a doctor.

A woman in Manipur, India waits to see a doctor.

By Benjamin Levitt,
Jewish Voice Lead International Logistics Manager

DATELINE: Churachandpur Town, Manipur, India
Wednesday, November 2, 2011, 5:28 a.m.

Fog shrouded the wooded hills of Churachandpur as we awoke this morning at 5:00 a.m.—the sun already risen somewhere above the thick clouds. As Starbucks via packets were emptied into travel mugs and plastic cups of Indian milk tea were downed, chilliness and fatigue turned to excitement and anticipation of the day ahead. The women preparing breakfast and already washing clothes at the guesthouse where we are staying—Believers in Yeshua—sing morning songs and psalms as they work. The words are lost on our American ears, but the joy transcends. Today is Wednesday, “hump day,” but we are ready.

On Monday and Tuesday we saw 2,203 patients through the medical clinic. At 1,000 patients, Monday was a record first day for Jewish Voice. Of these patients, 1,162 visited the prayer room, where they received prayer for healing and where the Gospel of Yeshua was shared with each one. We are praising the Lord for 93 new professions of faith in Yeshua on Monday and Tuesday, including several from the Bnei Menashe.

Josiah, one of the local “Manmasi” (Bnei Menashe elders), has worked closely with us to spread the word about our clinic since last weekend. He has brought more than 300 from his local Manmasi community alone to the clinic for medical, dental, and much-needed eye treatment. Beyond this, we know that many other sub-communities of Manmasi have received word of the clinic and have come through apart from Josiah’s leadership.

Eight Hours Later . . .

As I sipped black tea during a quick break this morning under a makeshift tent fashioned of surplus parachutes borrowed from the Indian Army, a man caught my eye. He wore a dusty black jacket, worn but functional athletic shoes, tattered grey dress pants, and a maroon hand-woven kippa on his head. He waited patiently in a slowly-moving eye treatment line, his patient registration card clutched in his right hand so as not to lose his treatment ticket. He stared off into the clinic parking lot, lost somewhere in thought.

I took advantage of the moment to look closely at him. His face, hair, and skin color were clearly “local.” And yet, something about his nose, the angle of his jaw, and the deep furrow in his brow were distinct from those seated to either side. This was a brother, a fellow son of Israel. Here in the recesses of Asia, I felt as though in some strange way I was looking into a long-lost family portrait.

Lord, Adonai, thank You for Your faithfulness to keep the house of Israel as a good Shepherd. Bring this man—this People—back to You this week. Cause them to return, Lord. Reveal Yeshua.

As the sun sets early over a quickly-cooling valley and the final patients are brought into doctor offices, I have just learned from Jack and Sandi Zimmerman, our Prayer Room Directors from Phoenix, that more than 20 Sons of Manasseh have received Yeshua today alone. Hallelujah for this breakthrough and great answer to prayer! Twenty more scattered sheep of the House of Israel have been reconciled and brought near to the God they have worshipped from a distance for 27 centuries.

When the scrolls of history are unrolled in heaven and the great and mighty acts of the Lord are recounted to a worshipping throng, I have a sense this day—this week—will be one of the many highlights, a day like so many others the Lord has invited Jewish Voice to participate in, in which the “Lost Tribes” were “found.” Not in terms of geographical position, but in terms of their names—Benjamin, Isaac, Machir, Abe, Rahel, Esther, and others written for eternity in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

As we “close up shop” on hump day and look toward a quick final two days of this Manipur medical outreach, we covet your prayers for the following:

  1. That the Lord would continue to draw all men, especially from the Manmasi community, to Himself as He is lifted up and glorified at this clinic.
  2. For perseverance, strength for weary laborers, and health and comfort to upset stomachs for our team of 40 American volunteers.
  3. For wisdom and discernment to know which patients should be seen by our team of eye specialists, as the need far surpasses our ability to treat them in the time remaining.
  4. That the Lord would multiply our efforts so that thousands more may be treated in only sixteen remaining clinic hours.
  5. For favor with the Manmasi leadership as we share our faith in the Messiah Yeshua clearly with them tomorrow (Thursday).
  6. That the Lord would draw specifically the unsaved patients to our prayer and counseling room.
  7. That the Lord would visit several local doctors who do not know Him with salvation—them and their entire households.
  8. For continued unity for our Jewish Voice Global Outreach Team and our larger ministry team here in Churachandpur.
  9. For protection for our team as we place ourselves in the “bull’s-eye” doing Messianic Jewish missions in a country ravished with polytheism and dark spirituality.
  10. That our growing relationship with the Pudaite family and Bibles For The World Ministry would bear much fruit in the months and years to come. Pray for healing for Dr. Rochunga Pudaite following recent injury and illness.
  11. That the Lord would bring peace and righteousness to Churachandpur and the surrounding region in the midst of political instability. For an open road for medical supplies and other urgently-needed items during the ongoing Manipuri border blockade.
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  1. Eric

     /  November 3, 2011

    God by His mercies will grant answers to ur request.in Jesus name Amen.

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