What’s on TV in November?

Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis TV program

"Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis" TV program

Here’s our programming schedule for Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis for the month of November.

October 31 – November 6, 2011

Jonathan Bernis shares more exciting highlights from the Rosario, Argentina Hear O’ Israel! Festival of Jewish Music & Dance.  Hear the anointed music of Maurice Sklar and celebrate the lives of Jewish People who meet Messiah for the first time!

November 7 – November 13, 2011

The United States has the largest Jewish Population of any nation in the World outside of Israel . . . and some would argue that more Jews live in America than in Israel. Both countries have around 6 million Jews, so together, well over two-thirds of the entire Jewish population live in either Israel or the United States. So, how can we effectively share our faith with our Jewish friends, neighbors, and co-workers?

On today’s program about Reaching the American Jew, Jonathan Bernis will talk  with David Brickner, Executive Director of Jews for Jesus, and Susan Perlman, Director of Communication for Jews for Jesus, about some of the ways that Jews for Jesus has successfully presented the Good News and why reaching your Jewish friend is possible.

November 14 – November 20, 2011

Shelly and June Volk, who host the daily radio program  For Zion’s Sake,  share their story of how God revealed the Messiah to them and how they have a burden in their hearts to reach the Jewish People for Messiah. Plus, Jonathan continues his Reaching the American Jew series, focusing on the most common deceptions about Jewish People regarding salvation.

November 21 – November 27, 2011

Discover the ancient biblical tradition of Hebraic blessing and how Believers today can experience this powerful dynamic through our guest Dr. John Garr. Plus, Jonathan Bernis  instructs us on how to bless the Jewish People in a continuation of his Reaching the American Jews teaching series and  begins a new teaching on the importance of God’s appointed times for all Believers.

November 28 – December 4, 2011

How can we operate in the power of God and see healings and creative miracles that will reach the Jew first? Our guest David Herzog, host of the weekly television program The Glory Zone, explains how. A Jewish Believer in Jesus, Herzog works to bring the Good News of the Messiah to his Jewish brethren. Jonathan Bernis continues his teaching series Reaching the American Jew by talking about some approaches related to the supernatural and why Jews seek after a sign (1 Corinthians 1:22).

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