A Modern-Day ‘Loaves and Fish’ Experience

Eye surgery patients in Gondar, Ethiopia

Eye surgery patients in Gondar, Ethiopia

Thank you so much for praying for our Gondar medical outreach. Because of you, God graciously turned around an initially discouraging situation.

Before our Jewish Voice medical outreach trip to Gondar, Ethiopia, we had several bags full of medical supplies confiscated by Customs. This presented a serious setback for us. We depend on these supplies to provide for the impoverished Jewish and Gentile people that come to us for help.

Fortunately we had enough medicines, vitamins, antibiotic eye drops, and glasses on hand to complete the clinic—and with boxes of medicines left over!

The Lord multiplied our supplies like Yeshua multiplied the loaves and fish in John 6. He provided exactly what we needed to complete our mission with excellence.

Jewish Voice Ministries International

Interested in helping us bring free medical, dental, and eye care to impoverished Jewish communities in Ethiopia or India? We have an exciting schedule of trips for 2012. Check that out and if you want to know more, visit our Medical Outreach section online.

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