Curtain Call: Intercession Needed for Three-Night Argentina Festival Outreach

Advertising our 2011 Hear O' Israel! Festival in Argentina

Advertising our 2011 Hear O' Israel! Festival in Argentina

DATELINE: Rosario, Argentina – August 25, 2011

Preparation for our three-night Hear O’ Israel! Festival of Jewish Music & Dance is underway and we are fast approaching showtime ( in less than 5 hours Argentina time!). Here are specific ways to lift up our team as they minister in Argentina through dance, song, and the Word of God. 

People of Rosario:  

Pray for every one of the 15,000 flyers being distributed today in the Metropolitano neighborhood—where the Festival will begin tonight—to carry the anointing of the Holy Spirit, drawing people to the Festival. Pray that every press release via newspaper, radio, television, and billboard will draw people to the Festival. Pray for favor for the outreach team as they distribute flyers for the stores to hand out and that their distribution in the stores will be effective. Pray also for favor for the outreach team as they take flyers to local apartment buildings and ask that the doormen put flyers in people’s mailboxes.


Please pray for excitement, contentment, peace (shalom), safety, and anointing to replace the frustration caused by delayed rehearsals. Pray that the dress rehearsal and tonight’s performance goes smoothly. Pray for the dancer who was hospitalized for an injury sustained yesterday and for God’s extraordinary protection over bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits.

Festival Logistics:

Pray for those involved with the many details involved in Festival logistics: equipment, deliveries, production of new Believer cards, union contracts, production companies, and organization and implementation of ushers/altar ministry work. Pray that everything flows smoothly, with no confusion. Pray against accidents and incidents that cause injuries when crowds gather.

Jonathan Bernis:

Pray for Jonathan’s strength and an extraordinary anointing for tonight—above and beyond anything he has ever experienced. Pray for Rabbi Jorge Goldstein as he prepares himself to lead the new congregation. Pray for his healing of diabetes.

JVMI Volunteers & Staff:  

Continue to pray for the team that God has brought together to participate in a variety of ways for this Festival. They are amazing individuals! Pray that they not grow weary as we enter into these last three critical days. Pray for the breath of God to breathe on these special children, and that He empowers, strengthens, and unifies them for His honor, glory, and the advancement of His Kingdom in Rosario.

For the latest Argentina updates, including photos, go to our Facebook page:

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