Opposition Brings Opportunity to Minister in Argentina

Hear O' Israel! Festival poster in Rosario, Argentina 2011

Hear O' Israel! Festival poster in Rosario, Argentina

By Jonathan Gannon,
Jewish Voice Director of Global Outreach

Our own Jonathan Gannon weighs in during the pre-festival preparation for the Hear O’ Israel! Festival of Jewish Music & Dance outreach, which will be held in Rosario, Argentina August 19- 29, 2011.

Greetings from Rosario.

As my first week draws to a close here in Argentina, I would like to give you an update from the field. First let me say thank you for your diligent prayers for our team, the Jewish community here in Rosario, the volunteer/participant group, the performers, and especially Jonathan Bernis as he prepares to lead the festival.

The day I arrived we received a press release written by the local community opposing the outreach. We are not letting this type of opposition bother us. In fact, this press release proves that the advertising is working, there is a buzz in the city over the festival outreach, and the controversy will continue to increase. And as we know, where there is controversy, there is curiosity. And when people are curious, they show up to see for themselves.

We are working with the two largest churches here in Rosario. We had a meeting this morning with the pastor of one of the largest churches in the city. His church averages 6,000 in weekly Sunday attendance (morning and evening services). Several pastors began to publicly speak out against the festival (which is also normal), and we knew that we needed the support of this pastor to carry the support of the vast majority of the city churches.

After a extensive meeting, he not only officially welcomed us to Argentina, but offered his full support of our outreach. His church will be providing people for all needed volunteer ministry positions. He has also invited us to present details of the festival to his church, so pray for me as I speak in both Sunday services and for the Lord to truly mobilize this army of 6,000 Believers to bring their Jewish friends, neighbors, and co-workers to the outreach. Also pray for many to step into key volunteer roles.

Aside from a little opposition, and some normal logistical glitches, all is moving very smoothly. We can sense your prayers daily as we do our work, strategize, and conduct meetings. You would be proud of this entire team, as they are all working diligently.

Let me give you three very specific things to pray about:

1. Pray for interpreters. We are having a very difficult time finding interpreters to accompany our street outreach teams.
2. Pray that many city pastors attend the pastors breakfast Jonathan Bernis will be hosting.
3. Pray for the leadership seminar we are holding  to train local pastors and leaders in conducting Jewish evangelism and new Jewish Believer discipleship.

Again, thank you for praying and lifting this outreach before the Lord. The Lord is about to do something amazing in this city!

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  1. Thanks Jonathan for the news!
    Sorry I am not with you this year BUT PLEASE know
    my heart IS with you and I will be very much in prayer for ALL
    your team.
    I will always STAND with JVMI and pray TO join you again in future days!
    David Corp


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