Ethiopia Mission Trip Changes Life of 8-Year-Old

By Sophia Cutler

This story, written in Sophia’s own words, was first published in our June 2011 Connections newsletter. 

Two years ago I went to Ethiopia in Africa.  I woke up early in the morning and when the airplane ride was finally over, I couldn’t wait to see everything.  But when I looked out the window, I didn’t see a skyscraper or nice stores or nice restaurants.  All I saw were poor people begging for food.  I was so puzzled and shocked I asked my Dad if this was right.  He told me that this is why we were here, to help the poor.

I looked out the window again and I started to get sad.  I felt pity for all the poor people.  We got to the hotel and I fell asleep.

In the morning, our work began.  We got to the schoolhouse, and I helped the prayer team and the medical team.  We did this for two weeks.  I made three new friends.

One of the best things I encountered on my journey was when I was with the prayer group.  A man came in and told us that his knees had been bothering him.  The first time we prayed, he said his legs felt 80 percent better.  He said it felt like something went through him.  So we prayed again for him to feel 100 percent better, but he said that he felt the same.  It was the most miraculous thing I had ever seen.

My life has changed since the time I went to Ethiopia.  I plan to go again some day.

Sophia went with us on a Jewish Voice Ethiopian medical outreach.

Sophia went with us on a Jewish Voice Ethiopian medical outreach.

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  1. good to see your mission statement – we are fundamental baptists and try our best to reach into all world communities – as a follower of Jesus, we believe as you do that Christ will return to take those from your community and ours as one in Him…keep up the good work – you can see our mission at

    best regards from Pismo Beach, CA. gene


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