Caught on Tape: Woliso Medical Mission Videos

During our first medical clinic of 2011, we went to remote Woliso, Ethiopia, to attend to the physical and spiritual needs of the Gefat Jewish community. For the first time at one of our international outreaches, we brought along several video cameras for our Jewish Voice medical, prayer, and administrative volunteers to use to capture key moments during our mission: miracles of healing, happenings in and around the clinic, participants talking about their roles at the clinic.

We hope you enjoy a couple of these featured videos. You can always watch more on our Jewish Voice YouTube channel.

Alice Rivas, our prayer director, captures this video above.

Lorraine, one of our British participants, excitedly shares what God did – not only for her, but for this poor Woliso man as well.

Standing in the prayer tent in Ethiopia, Rusty, one of the volunteers for our Jewish Voice Woliso medical clinic February 28 – March 4, 2011, explains the challenges of praying for desperate and impoverished Jewish people during an African medical mission.

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