Positive Feedback Needed: Review Jewish Voice!

Hi, Everyone,

We would love your positive feedback about Jewish Voice. If you are a donor, volunteer, client, or just love what we do online, on our TV show, or on social media, we want to hear about it!


Jewish Voice Ministries International

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  1. Phil

     /  March 27, 2011

    1st. of all I am a Gentil believer in Yeshua (since Aug. of 73). Found out about your ministry 2 weeks ago while flipping thru the TV programs. You got my attention!?!?! Your ministry forfills 2nd.Timothy 3:15 by the knowing of the Holy Scriptures (Gen.-Mal.) it makes you wise through faith. When THE MESSIAH of ISRAEL died for me; HE left me with the greatest message ever written by a Gentil (Pontius Pilate) -THE KING OF THE JEWS- so I believe only in this way. As example being, worship on the Sabbath Day. Does not the Word of God teach that the Sabbath falls on the 1st. day after Passover by the Hebrew calender and that is why I think that God said in Ex. 34 vs. 23 to come before Him, 3 times a year to keep the feasts, that you would understand His time table and does He not warn the Egyptians, later in the Scriptures, during the 1000 yr. reign, to uphold to these exact same calender events? Oh well, y’all will be hearing from me later- Your Gentil brother and definitely not a stranger to the God of Israel-Phil P.S.-You need to put a copy of God’s calender (Hebrew calender) on this page.


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