Woliso Pre-Medical Outreach Prayer Update: Breakthrough!

Our Director of Outreach, Jonathan Gannon, updates us by email from Addis Ababa about the Woliso, Ethiopia, medical clinic, which starts Monday, February 28. Here’s a portion of that email.

I’m back in Addis Ababa with some of our Global Outreach staff to receive the first of our team tomorrow morning and then the entire team tomorrow night. Several Outreach team members will continue to work tomorrow at the clinic site, setting things up.

Thank you so much for your prayers. I wish you could experience what we have felt yesterday and today. The only way I can describe the fast sequence of events over the past 48 hours is breakthrough after breakthrough.

Let me update you on the prayer list below and provide you with some new requests:

1. It hasn’t rained a drop. In fact, it has been miserably hot. There doesn’t seem to be any rain in the forecast, but this is still a very important prayer request. Any large rain storm would literally wash out the only road to the clinic site. Please continue to pray for no rain!

2. Our Ethiopian medical director has been working tirelessly to acquire all Ethiopian medical licenses for our doctors, the approval of the drug authority to import all our drugs, and approval from the customs authority to receive our imported medicines and supplies. After working on this for weeks, today was the breakthrough! All approvals and licenses were finalized.

3. The road to the clinic site has been repaired and is accessible by buses and vans.

4. All four trucks of supplies, tents, generators, chairs, tables, medicines, and everything we shipped via truck to Woliso arrived this afternoon. All the triage tents are in place and the medicines are in the pharmacy ready to be dispensed!

5. The hotel where I am staying now  is where our group will be spending tomorrow night before the drive to Woliso on Sunday morning (after a morning service and orientation). Over the past days and weeks, the hotel has been host to a military unit of Kenyan and Ugandan soldiers. Our group reservation and deposit were paid months ago, guaranteeing our badly needed group space for our one night in Addis. . .  or so we thought. Today the owner of the hotel called and told us that the army officials were refusing to leave the hotel and we would have to search out new options. This might not seem like a likely scenario in the United States, but in Africa it is very real. Our JVMI Africa director fought the owner over the phone for hours. I’m quite certain some of you must have been praying at the same time this battle was taking place. After a long time, the owner called back and told us the leading colonel of the Kenyan army voluntarily agreed to take his soldiers and move to another hotel. Breakthrough! God is good!

This is a quick summary of how quickly things can change in the field. We continue to be dependant on your prayers. The next 48 hours will be critical as the group arrives, stays one night in Addis, and then travels to Woliso for clinic set-up. We’re all very excited to open the clinic on Monday at 9 a.m.

  • Please pray for strength and stamina for the team.
  • Please pray for the safe arrival of the group tomorrow night.
  • Please pray for the protection our team.
  • Please pray for many, many salvations from the Gefat Jewish tribe.

Shalom from the field,
Jonathan Gannon

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