Jack Kinsella Praises Jewish Voice

Jack Kinsella

Jack Kinsella

Author Jack Kinsella mentions Jewish Voice in the Thursday, January 13, 2011 edition of his “Omega Letter Intelligence Digest.” Jack is a friend of the ministry and the March/April 2011 guest author for our Jewish Voice Today magazine. Look for the new JVT magazine to come out soon!

While I was in Phoenix, I had the pleasure of spending several hours with Bill Salhaus, author of Israelestine, which explores the connection between the prophecies of Psalms 83, Isaiah 17, Jeremiah 49 and Obadiah, and the Lebanon War of 2006. We discussed the impending collapse and where things could go from here. It seems probable that the next step will be war. If this is the war Salhaus is anticipating, when the smoke clears, much of the Arab Middle East will be a radioactive wasteland.  Perhaps that will be the event that brings about the false peace covenant that results in Israel becoming the “land of unwalled villages” described in Ezekiel 38 at the time of the Gog-Magog invasion?

I was tremendously impressed with the ministry of Jewish Voice Ministries when I was there a couple of years ago; having made a second trip [1/11/11] only cemented that impression.

Over the years, I have been greatly blessed over the course of my own ministry to rub shoulders with some of the giants of the faith. The first prophecy conference at which I was a featured speaker included such luminary Christian leaders as Dr. John Walvoord, Hal Lindsey, Chuck Missler, Dave Hunt, and Jack Van Impe. Since then, I’ve been blessed to rub shoulders with many, many more.

While I have met many giants, there are only a few men I would term “great” men of faith.  Rabbi Jonathan Bernis is a man of such genuine, certifiable greatness. Bernis had only recently returned from an outreach to the Bnei Menashe in Mizoram, India. A passage in a JVMI blog of the outreach posted by a dentist volunteer explains what they were up against.

JVMI was able to bring medical and dental treatment for  – get this – THIRTY THOUSAND people, most of whom had never ever seen a doctor or dentist.   THIRTY THOUSAND!  And that was just this past year.

When I was there last, they had just returned from Ethiopia where they had treated similarly large crowds of people to whom medical care was as common as moon rocks. The JVMI volunteers are not just treating diseased bodies – they are treating diseased souls as well.

Please be sure and check out Jewish Voice online and in particular, take a look at their stats . It isn’t often that I am privileged to be in the presence of genuine greatness.  Jonathan Bernis is such a man. This is a ministry worthy of your support .  And of your prayers.  Maranatha!

Excerpted from The Omega Letter Intelligence Digest, a daily, subscription-based online resource. Vol. 112, Issue 13. Thursday, January 13, 2011. Used by permission.

Along with authoring The Omega Letter, Jack Kinsella is head writer of The Hal Lindsey Report television program and former head writer for This Week in Bible Prophecy.

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