Do Messianic Jews Celebrate Christmas?

Jonathan Bernis talks from a Messianic Jewish perspective about the celebration of Christmas on our Jewish Voice monthly webcast November 18, 2010.

The idea that Messianic Jews don’t believe in Christmas, many Messianics do. Others celebrate Messiah at a different time. For many, it is Sukkot. But all of us reverence the birth of the Lord.

The idea of God becoming man is the greatest story ever told. So Chanukah, Christmas bring it on. Celebrate through it the real meaning, Chanukah being the cleansing of the temple and the great deliverance that God brought through the hands of the Maccabees, through His strength.

And Christmas, of course, whether you celebrate it on the 25th or at another time, the birth of the Lord becoming flesh for us, tabernacling among us and living on this earth and dying for our sins, what an amazing story!

Learn About Chanukah

Jewish Voice Ministries International

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