Happy Chanukah!

Jewish Voice wishes you a very Happy Chanukah! This year the Jewish holiday runs from December 2 (evening December 1) – December 8, 2010.

As part of the celebration, you should check out this video teaching from our own Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Bernis. It’s a clip from our weekly show, Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis, and we think it will inspire your faith and increase your understanding about this holiday.

We are also offering you a FREE download of a chapter from Rabbi Bernis’ minibook Chanukah: Feast of Dedication. This chapter is for all Believers in Yeshua (Jesus) who need to know the power of this holy celebration. You won’t want to miss your chance to receive this and be sure to tell your friends too!

Purchase your copy of the entire Chanukah minibook

Chanukah Resource Materials

Jewish Voice Ministries International

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