Medical Volunteer Shares Tales of Manipur

By Tess Cox,
Manipur 2010 Volunteer Medical Doctor, Pediatrics

Tess Cox prays for a Manipur child.

Tess Cox prays for a Manipur child.

We arrived in the early afternoon into Manipur, a restricted access state in the eastern-most part of India, and boarded another bus to drive one-and-a-half hours into Churachandpur and Sielmat, where we would live and work and care for the bodies and souls of the people awaiting us there.

The clinic was as it always is: raucous and organized all at the same time, in a kind of controlled chaos. The clinic itself was reminiscent of our days in Addis Ababa and Gondar, Ethiopia, but the team had become a well-oiled machine. So many of us had been on Jewish Voice medical trips that we all knew our place and our jobs, and had the routine in’s and out’s of our unique little operation down pat.

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