Shofar Lesson 2: Four Calls

Dwight Carrell of Jewish Voice demonstrates the four traditional calls blown on the shofar (animal horn trumpet), using the kudu horn. These calls are often done in succession in Messianic Jewish congregations. The last call, according to the rabbis, is to be held as long as breath allows.

The Four Shofar Calls

Tekiah or Tekyah (“to blow” or “blast”): Call to Attention
This call was likely used to bring the walls of Jericho down, as mentioned in the Old Testament.

Shevarim (“broken”): Call to Worship
This call was likely usued at Mt. Sinai to assemble the Israelites.

Teruah (“battle cry” or “alarm”): Call to War
This call was likely used by Gideon when he and his army attacked the Midianites.

Tekiah G’dollah or Tekyiah Gadollah (“the long or great blast”): Call for Peace, or Shalom
This is the  sound of Messiah Yeshua’s return.

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