Miracles Abound in Manipur

By Jonathan Gannon,
Director of Outreach for Jewish Voice

There were two amazing miracles that I would like to recap briefly in this report on our Manipur, India, medical clinic.

First, there was a 3-year-old boy brought into our group meeting area with a request for prayer. The little boy had not been able to walk since he was one years old. The muscle atrophy in his legs and the shape of his spine seemed to indicate some sort of serious degenerative problem. A group of us gathered and prayed for him. During the prayer, I distinctly felt his calf muscle contracting and flexing. By the end of the prayer, he was standing on his mother’s lap!

The second miracle came from our Prayer Room. A young boy had been prescreened for surgery due to a tumor on his lower abdominal area. Upon leaving the clinic with the surgery referral, he stopped by the Prayer Room for prayer. When he arrived for the surgery on Friday morning, the doctor could do nothing but send him home. The tumor had vanished!

Jewish Voice Medical Outreaches

Jewish Voice Ministries International

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