Small But Mighty: Manipur Medical Team Continues to Bring Relief

Our small team of 26 staff and medical volunteers are busily serving the Jewish community in Churachandpur, Manipur,  through our Jewish Voice free medical clinic, and God is blessing the work of our hands. As they say, we might be small … but in the Lord, we are mighty!

Lavi Matesan, our trip photojournalist and reporter, is continually capturing the action on the ground in India and shares this tender moment with us:

Manipur woman and her child.

There are so many precious people at our clinic, just like this grateful woman and child. The need is always great when we travel to the remotest places of the world to bring medical care, prayer, and the love of Yeshua (Jesus) to those who might never hear about Messiah any other way.

We are thrilled at the progress we are making in India right now; God is multiplying our efforts. The latest report from our International Logistics Manager, Benjamin Levitt, shows that our fourth-day numbers (it’s actually Friday in India right now) have increased and we have been able to help more people:

  • 1,200 patients treated in our medical clinic on Thursday
  • Four-day total = 4,400

Please be in prayer for our team as we finish out the week. We need to stay healthy, physically strengthened, and unified. We also ask that you would lift up the Jewish People there who need desperately to know the One who came to save them. May God show Himself powerful and compassionate in these last days of our medical clinic.

Thank you!

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