Banner Day at Manipur Medical Clinic

By Jonathan Gannon,
Jewish Voice Director of Global Outreach

Day two of our medical mission in Manipur proves to be encouraging, as Jonathan shares in this email from India.

Shalom from Churachandpur, Manipur!

As I write this, our Manipur 2010 outreach team is recovering from our second full clinic day. We are already very tired, but very pleased with the results. In the past two days, 2,030 patients have been treated, and of those 763 have visited the Prayer Room.

The high Prayer Room numbers are attributed to the fact that this community is more than  70% Christian. In spite of the high Believer numbers, Rabbi Jack Zimmerman and the prayer team have reported 35 new salvations, numerous rededications, and scores of miracles. The Lord is at work!

Although the India outreach team only consists of 26 Jewish Voice medical volunteers and staff, the efficient design of the clinic, the assistance of the local medical professionals that we hired, and the Lord’s direct help have resulted in a great start. Dr. Everett Holley has worked diligently over the past two days refining the clinic systems, ensuring that we maximize our clinic patient treatment potential. At the current pace, we project that we will well exceed our original 5,000 patients treated goal for the week.

During the advance portion of this trip, Benjamin Levitt and I spent time and effort trying to build new relationships with the Bnei Menashe community leaders here in Churachandpur. We provided them with hundreds of patient bracelets, ensuring the Jewish community priority access to the medical camp.

We were all very pleased yesterday as the first of several large groups of Bnei Menashe arrived at the main clinic gate. After receiving free medical care, many of them spent time in our Prayer Room. Rabbi Jack and team prayed with many Bnei Menashe for healing and salvation.

As this is the first Jewish Voice outreach to the Jewish community here in Manipur, we are thus far very pleased with the results. Please continue to pray for increased spiritual fruit, strength, and health for the team.

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