Report from Manipur: All Is Well

Here’s the latest report originally Global Outreach Director, who is on the ground in India. We wanted to share the good news with you and ask you to continue to pray for the Jewish Voice medical outreach and the volunteer team who will be joining us. The outreach is from November 4-15. We covet your prayers!

Shalom from Manipur, India!

Benjamin and I have been here for three days now, and all is going very smoothly. Aside from the swarming mosquitoes, we are both healthy.

We are finalizing the Jewish Voice medical clinic logistics with the hospital, participant logistics, and all other related tasks. Everett, Habte, and Dr. Adane arrive in a couple days and we’ll work together to finalize the clinic flow and room assignments. The hospital where we will be working will be as good as any site we have used before.

On Thursday, we will be interviewing workers. The leaders here have already expressed interest in having a special program on Thursday of the clinic week to honor our team.

As this is the first clinic here, much of the work we are doing will assist us in the future. I believe that this is a great opportunity for Jewish Voice and should present a fruitful return in years to come.

We visited a Messianic congregation on Shabbat. Benjamin and I were both asked to speak. It went well and provided a good opportunity for us to make an important connection.

We will be meeting with Bnei Menashe leaders tomorrow to invite them and the broader community to the clinic. We will be putting up a large banner in the front of the clinic—directly across from the Bnei Menashe center.

Benjamin will be leaving on Friday to receive the group of Jewish Voice volunteers in Delhi, who will be arriving on Saturday. All of the restricted permits have been issued, so we don’t foresee any complications from here on out.

Jonathan Gannon, Director of Global Outreach

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