November 2010 Jewish Voice TV Guests

Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis TV program

"Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis" TV program

In the month of November, we have some exciting programming on our weekly Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis television show!

November 1-6

Deity of Messiah Debate Part 1 Jonathan Bernis moderates a debate as four scholars face off on the deity of Messiah and the truine nature of God. Dr. Michael L. Brown and Dr. James White are trinitarians, while Sir Anthony Buzzard and Joseph Good are non-trinitarians.

November 7-13

Deity of Messiah Part 2 – The debate continues! Dr.Michael L. Brown and Dr. James White are trinitarians, while Sir Anthony Buzzard and Joseph Good are non-trinitarians.

November 14-20

Dr. LaSalle Vaughn describes the signs that point to the “next great move of God.” Plus, Jonathan Bernis shares an amazing miracle from Ethiopia.

November 21-27

Discover the divine principle of praying biblical blessings over your family from Dr. John Garr.

November 28-Dec 4

Join Jonathan Bernis and Marty Goetz for a praise and worship celebration of the holiday season.

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