Dealing with Demonic Attack

Halloween is just around the corner, so we at Jewish Voice thought it would be appropriate to counter the fear and oppression that can try to manifest this time of year in our hearts and neighborhoods with teaching on how to squelch the works of the enemy when he tries to harass us.

This video segment comes from a live caller, Lee, who phoned in a question during our August 9, 2010 interactive webcast. Lee recounts several cases of what she considers demonic attack since 2007, including a divorce and deep depression.

Our panelists listen with concern and offer the suggestion that a spirit of unforgiveness could be at the root of some of Lee’s trying circumstances.

We hope that you find comfort and understanding as well through this video clip. Please pass this on to those who also might need to understand the power of forgiveness in combating Satan’s attacks. Just click the “share” button at the end of this blog post to send on to social media sites.

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  1. Delphine

     /  October 29, 2010

    The battle is between God & lucifer God has won the battle before the world was created.

    In Yeshua Love
    Delphine Reynolds


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