Can I Eat This? Should You Eat That?

By Jonathan Bernis,
President and CEO of Jewish Voice

One viewer asked during the September 7, 2010 Jewish Voice webcast specifically about Torah dietary law and whether we should continue to follow those strict specifications as outline in the Old Testament. Jonathan Bernis explains that it’s less important that you follow the law, and much more important that if you choose to do so, you do it for the right reasons.

We assert strongly as Messianic Jews that we have the freedom to live as our people lived and as we were raised, to celebrate Shabbat, and to understand that Messiah is our salvation. We have the freedom to choose to keep the dietary laws, even to keep separate dishes for milk and meat. We have the freedom to be as strict as we feel called to be in order to be a light to those around us.

The problem I have is when we expect others to follow the Torah’s dietary laws in detail. If you ask me theologically if I believe pork and shellfish are foods, I don’t think they are. When Yeshua said all foods were clean, I don’t think He was thinking that pork and shellfish were foods.

But that doesn’t mean someone is sinning because they eat something that biblically was a non-food. I am not going to judge people for what they put in their mouths. It’s what goes into the heart and comes out of the mouth that is important.

Whatever God calls you to do is fine, as long as you don’t feel you must make those things incumbent upon other people, because we are all working out our walk with God with fear and trembling.

Make sure you are not looking to what you are doing as a means of salvation, because we are justified only by one way: the atonement of Yeshua. He justified us at Calvary, and because He lives and was resurrected, we live.

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